pct_dom: Percentage of the Most Dominant Taxon (Taxa)

Description Usage Arguments Value


Percentage of the Most Dominant Taxon (Taxa)


pct_dom(taxa.wide, dom.level)



Taxonomic counts aggregated at the specific taxonomic classification (e.g., Order, Family, or Genus) in a wide data format. Use the wide function to prepare the data.


A numeric value 1-5 indicating the number


Percent of individuals that represent the most abundant taxon or taxa. dom.level can be used to specify 1st-5th most abundant taxa by specifying the corresponding numeric value (1-5). Values >1 include all of the previous dominance levels. For example, dom.level = 3 is the percentage of the most dominant taxon, the second most dominant taxon, and the third most dominant taxon. This measure is related to taxa evenness. Typically degradation is associated with elevated levels of the most dominant taxon (taxa); therefore, this metric typically increases with degradation.

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