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all_metricsRun All Metrics
becksBeck's Index
benthos_cheatBenthos Cheat
blank_colTemporary vector with zero values
calc_pct_taxaThe percentage each taxon makes up of a sample
calc_richnessInternal Use: Calculate Richness
clean_upData Clean Up
data_prepData Prep
drbc_data_prepPrepare the DRBC Data
drbc_master_prepPrepare the DRBC Attributes Table
effective_richnessEffective Number of Taxa
ept_rich_no_tolEPT Richness Excluding Tolerant Taxa
fairfax_attributes_prepPrepare the Fairfax County Taxonomic Attributes Table
fairfax_data_prepPrepare the Fairfax County Data
fill_taxaFill empty rows with lowest level of
goldProportion of Gastropoda, Oligochaeta, and Dipteran...
group_richVector of taxa richness for a specific list of taxa
group_taxaData Frame of a specific list of taxa
hurlberts_pieProbability of Interspecific Encounter (PIE)
longLong Data Frame Transform taxa count data from wide to a long...
margalefsMargalef's Index
menhinicksMenhinick's Index
nysdec_data_prepPrepare the NYSDEC SBU Data
nysdec_data_prep_oldPrepare the NYSDEC SBU Data
nysdec_master_prepPrepare the NYSDEC Master Taxa List
ohio_epa_metricsOhio Environmental Protection Agency Metrics
ohio_pct_tolerantOhio EPA Percentage of Tolerant Taxa
pct_acid_tolAcid Tolerance Index (ATI)
pct_annelid_chiroPercentage of Annelid and Chironomid Individuals
pct_attributeThe percent of a group
pct_cc_chironomidaePercentage of Chironomids Identified as Chironomus and...
pct_cotePercentage of COTE Individuals
pct_domPercentage of the Most Dominant Taxon (Taxa)
pct_dom1_groupThe percent of the most dominant group
pct_epmeroptera_no_baetidPercentage of Ephemeropteran Individuals Minus Baetid
pct_eptPercentage of EPT Individuals
pct_ept_cheumatopsychePercent EPT Minus Cheumatopsyche
pct_ept_hydro_baetidPercentage of EPT Individuals Minus Hydropsychid and Baetid...
pct_ept_hydropsychePercent EPT minus Hydropsyche
pct_ept_no_hydroPercentage of EPT Individuals Minus Hydropsychid Individuals
pct_ept_richEPT Percent Taxa Richness
pct_ept_rich_no_tolPercentage of EPT Taxa Excluding Tolerant Taxa
pct_hydro_eptPercentage EPT Individuals Identified as Hydropsychids
pct_hydro_trichopteraPercentage of Trichopterans Represented by Hydropsychids
pct_limestonePercentage of Limestone Individuals
pct_non_tanytarsini_non_insectaPercentage of Non-Tanytarsini Diptera and Non-Insecta
pct_oligo_chiroPercentage of Oligochaet and Chironomid Individuals
pct_orthocladiinaePercentage of Orthocladiinae
pct_potecPercentage of POTEC Individuals
pct_taxonPercentage of a Specified Taxon
pct_tol_valPercentage of Intolerant Individuals
pct_trichoptera_no_hydroPercentage of Trichopterans Minus Hydropsychids
pct_trichoptera_no_tolerantPercentage of EPT Taxa Excluding Tolerant Taxa
pct_unidentifiedPercentage of Unidentified Individuals
pct_urban_intol***Percentage of Urban Intolerant Individuals***
pielouPielou's Evenness
rich_attributeThe richness of a group
rich_by_rankRichness of All Taxon
rich_coteCOTE Richness
rich_ephem_epeorusEphemeropteran Richness minus Epeorus
rich_eptEPT Richness
rich_ncoNon-Chironomid and Oligochaet Taxa Richness
rich_potecPOTEC Richness
rich_toleranceRichness of Tolerance Group
select_metricsRun All Metrics
seq_pct_taxaThe percentage each taxon makes up of a sample
seq_taxa_richSequence Through and Calculate the Richness of All Taxon
shannonShannon Wiener Diversity Index
simpsonsSimpson's Diversity Index
taxon_richnessTaxon Richness
tol_indexCompute Tolerance Indices
tol_pres_absTolerance Index for Presence/Absence
wideWide Data Frame Transform taxa count data from long to wide...
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