pct_trichoptera_no_tolerant: Percentage of EPT Taxa Excluding Tolerant Taxa

Description Usage Arguments Value


Percentage of EPT Taxa Excluding Tolerant Taxa


pct_trichoptera_no_tolerant(long, rank, master, tolerance_value = "BIBI_TV")



Taxonomic counts arrange in a long data format (i.e., each row represents a unique sample and taxon).


The taxonomic rank used to perform the analysis. You must sepecify either 'FAMILY' or "GENUS.'


A master taxa list including taxonomic ranks Phylum through the specified taxonomic rank (Family or Genus) and the an associated list of tolerance values. The default is set to the master taxa list included in the BIBI package. The master taxa list can be viewed with the following script: data(master)


The name of the column in the master taxon list (specified using the master variable) that contains tolerance values on a scale of 0-10. Tolerant organisms are classified as organisms with a tolerance value >= 7. The defualt is set to the the BIBI tolerance values, which are tolerance values summarized from multiple sources.


Percent of the assembalge represented by Trichoptera individuals, excluding tolerant Trichoptera taxa.

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