grSoftVersion: Report Versions of Graphics Software

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Report Versions of Graphics Software


Report versions of third-party graphics software available on the current platform for R's graphics.




A named character vector containing at least the elements


the version of cairographics in use, or "" if cairographics is not available.


the FreeType/FontConfig versions if cairographics is using those libraries directly (not via pango); otherwise, "". Earlier versions of R returned "yes" rather than the versions. The FontConfig version is determined when R is built.


the version of pango in use, or "" if pango is not available.

It may also contain the versions of third-party software used by the standard (on Windows), or X11-based (on Unix-alikes) bitmap devices:


the version of libpng in use, or "" if not available.


the version of the JPEG headers used for compilation, or "" if JPEG support was not compiled in.


the version of libtiff in use, or "" if not available.

It is conceivable but unlikely that the cairo-based bitmap devices will use different versions linked via cairographics, especially png(type = "cairo-png").

On macOS, if available, the Quartz-based devices will use the system versions of these libraries rather than those reported here.

Unless otherwise stated the reported version is that of the (possibly dynamically-linked) library in use at runtime.

Note that libjpeg-turbo as used on some Linux distributions reports its version as "6.2", the IJG version from which it forked.

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