windows/savePlot: Save Windows Plot to a File

savePlotR Documentation

Save Windows Plot to a File


Saves the current plot on a windows device to a file.


savePlot(filename = "Rplot",
         type = c("wmf", "emf", "png", "jpg", "jpeg", "bmp",
                  "tif", "tiff", "ps", "eps", "pdf"),
         device = dev.cur(),
         restoreConsole = TRUE)



The filename under which to save the plot. Tilde-expansion (see path.expand) is supported.


The type of plot, Windows metafile, PNG, JPEG, BMP (Windows bitmap format), TIFF, PostScript or PDF.


A device number of a windows device, by default the current device.


See the ‘Details’ section of windows. Do not use this in programming without first checking that the platform is Windows.


This is equivalent to selecting the ‘Save as’ menu item on the ‘File’ menu of a windows device.

If filename does not include a dot (‘.’), savePlot will add the file type as an extension; that is, the filename will be set to paste(filename, type, sep = "."). If a dot is present in filename, the filename is assumed to include an extension and is used without change.

Using filename as "clipboard" or "" with type = "wmf" will copy to the clipboard.

Types "eps" and "ps" are the same thing apart from the extension for the default filename. Similarly "wmf"/"emf", "jpeg"/"jpg" and "tiff"/"tif".

JPEG quality is 75%, and TIFF is saved without compression.


None, but a plot file will be created.


There is a similar function of the same name but fewer types for cairo-based X11 devices on Unix-alikes, and without the restoreConsole argument.

See Also

recordPlot() which is device independent. Further, png, dev.print