pdf.options: Auxiliary Function to Set/View Defaults for Arguments of pdf

pdf.optionsR Documentation

Auxiliary Function to Set/View Defaults for Arguments of pdf


The auxiliary function pdf.options can be used to set or view (if called without arguments) the default values for some of the arguments to pdf.

pdf.options needs to be called before calling pdf, and the default values it sets can be overridden by supplying arguments to pdf.


pdf.options(..., reset = FALSE)



arguments width, height, onefile, family, title, fonts, paper, encoding, pointsize, bg, fg, pagecentre, useDingbats, colormodel, fillOddEven and compress can be supplied.


logical: should the defaults be reset to their ‘factory-fresh’ values?


If both reset = TRUE and ... are supplied the defaults are first reset to the ‘factory-fresh’ values and then the new values are applied.


A named list of all the defaults. If any arguments are supplied the return values are the old values and the result has the visibility flag turned off.

See Also

pdf, ps.options.


pdf.options(bg = "pink")
pdf.options(reset = TRUE) # back to factory-fresh