profile.mle-class: Class '"profile.mle"'; Profiling information for '"mle"'...

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Likelihood profiles along each parameter of likelihood function

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("profile.mle", ...), but most often by invoking profile on an "mle" object.



Object of class "list". List of profiles, one for each requested parameter. Each profile is a data frame with the first column called z being the signed square root of the -2 log likelihood ratio, and the others being the parameters with names prefixed by par.vals.


Object of class "summary.mle". Summary of object being profiled.



signature(object = "profile.mle"): Use profile to generate approximate confidence intervals for parameters.


signature(x = "profile.mle", y = "missing"): Plot profiles for each parameter.

See Also

mle, mle-class, summary.mle-class

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