Man pages for BIOMOD
Ensemble platform for species distribution modeling

BinaryTransformationTransforming data into a binary format
Biomod.ManualCalling the Manual
BIOMOD-packageSpecies/climate modelling functions
Biomod.RangeSizeAnalysis of the range size changes
Biomod.TurnoverEstimation of the Turnover for a given location and...
CoorXYCoordinates for plotting the BIOMOD example maps
CreateProjMatrixCreating a dataframe compiling the wanted projections
CurrentPredProduce binary and filtered data within Biomod
CutOff.OptimisedTreshold estimation minimising difference between sensitivity...
Ensemble.ForecastingMake ensemble forecasts for future projection of species'...
FilteringTransformationTransforming data into a filtered format
Future1Future data for making projections
Initial.StateInitialise the datasets for usage in Biomod
KappaRepetMaximising Kappa and True Skill Statistics for incremental...
KappaStatKappa Statistic for predictive accuracy evaluation
level.plotPlotting 2-dimensional data
LoadModelsLoading models produced by BIOMOD
LoadProjLoading predictions and projections produced by BIOMOD
MigrationUsing migration dynamics in species modelling
ModelsRunning the species-climate envelop models available in...
multiple.plotPlot and compare prediction maps within BIOMOD
PredictionBestModelOptimising the predictions using the evaluation scores for...
ProbDensFuncProbability Density Function
ProjectionMaking projection with BIOMOD
ProjectionBestModelOptimising the projections using the evaluation scores
pseudo.absSelecting pseudo-absences
response.plotAnalysis of the response curves of a model within Biomod
Sp.EnvSpecies and Environmental data for species-climate modelling...
sreSurface Range Envelope
TSS.StatTrue Skill Statistic for predictive accuracy evaluation
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