S.typh: Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak 1996 in Denmark.

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Matched case-control study of food poisoning.


A data frame with 136 observations on the following 15 variables:

id: Person identification
set: Matched set indicator
case: Case-control status (1:case, 0:control
age: Age of individual
sex: Sex of individual (1:male, 2:female)
abroad: Within the last two weeks visited abroad (1:yes, 0:no)
beef: Within the last two weeks eaten beef
pork: Within the last two weeks eaten pork
veal: Within the last two weeks eaten veal
poultry: Within the last two weeks eaten poultry
liverp: Within the last two weeks eaten liverpaste
veg: Within the last two weeks eaten vegetables
fruit: Within the last two weeks eaten fruit
egg: Within the last two weeks eaten eggs
plant7: Within the last two weeks eaten meat from plant no. 7


In the fall of 1996 an unusually large number of Salmonella Typhimurium cases were recorded in Fyn county in Denmark. The Danish Zoonosis Centre set up a matched case-control study to find the sources. Cases and two age-, sex- and residency-matched controls were telephone interviewed about their food intake during the last two weeks.

The participants were asked at which retailer(s) they had purchased meat. Retailers were independently of this linked to meat processing plants, and thus participants were linked to meat processing plants. This way persons could be linked to (amongst other) plant no 7.


Tine Hald.


Molbak K and Hald T: Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak in late summer 1996. A Case-control study. (In Danish: Salmonella typhimurium udbrud paa Fyn sensommeren 1996. En case-kontrol undersogelse.) Ugeskrift for Laeger., 159(36):5372-7, 1997.



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