Man pages for IPMpack
Builds and analyses Integral Projection Models (IPMs).

addPdfGrowthPicAdds probability density functions of density function of...
coerceGrowthObjFunction to coerce growth or survival objects, i.e., impose...
convergeIPMIterates until obtaining the number of bins required so that...
convertIncrementConvert size increment according to time elapsed between...
dataIPMpackCryptantha.csvCryptantha Perennial Dataset with Covariates
dataIPMpackHypericumCov.csvHypericum Perennial Dataset with covariates
dataIPMpackHypericum.csvHypericum Perennial Dataset
dataIPMpackSilwood.csvSilwood Monocarp Dataset
dataIPMpackSuccisa2.csvSuccisa pratensis Dataset
dataIPMpackSuccisa.csvSuccisa pratensis Dataset
diagnosticsPmatrixCreates a series of diagnostic graphs for a P matrix.
discreteTrans-classClass '"discreteTrans"'
discreteTransInteger-classClass '"discreteTransInteger"'
elasEstimates matrix element sensitivities and elasticities.
envMatrix-classClass "envMatrix"
fecObj-classClass "fecObj"
fecObjInteger-classClass "fecObjInteger"
generateDataGenerates random data in the form used by IPMpack.
growSurvCombines growth and survival.
growthEstimates growth probabilities.
growthCumModels growth allowing for cumulative bin estimation.
growthCum-methods~~ Methods for Function 'growthCum' ~~
growth-methods~~ Methods for Function 'growth' ~~
growthModelCompCompares growth and survival objects built from different...
growthObj-classClass "growthObj"
growthObjDeclineVar-classClass "growthObjDeclineVar"
growthObjHossfeld-classClass "growthObjHossfeld"
growthObjIncr-classClass "growthObjIncr"
growthObjIncrDeclineVar-classClass "growthObjIncrDeclineVar"
growthObjLogIncr-classClass '"growthObjLogIncr"'
growthObjLogIncrDeclineVar-classClass '"growthObjLogIncrDeclineVar"'
growthObjNegBin-classClass "growthObjNegBin"
growthObjPoisClass "growthObjPois"
growthObjTruncIncr-classClass '"growthObjTruncIncr"'
HossfeldCreates a Hossfeld function defining growth.
IPMmatrix-classClass '"IPMmatrix"'
IPMpack-internalInternal IPMpack objects.
IPMpackNewsShow a text file containing package news and updates.
IPMpack-packageConstruction and analysis of integral projection models and...
largeMatrixCalcCalculates population growth rate (lambda) and stable stage...
logitImplements an inverse of the logistic transform.
makeClonalObjFunction to build clonal reproduction objects
makeCompoundCmatrixBuilds a compound C matrix.
makeCompoundFmatrixBuilds a compound F matrix.
makeCompoundPmatrixBuilds a compound P matrix.
makeDiscreteTransBuilds matrix for transitions between discrete (e.g....
makeDiscreteTransIntegerBuilds matrix for transitions between discrete (e.g....
makeEnvObjBuilds environmental transition objects.
makeFecObjFunction to build fecundity objects
makeFecObjIntegerFunction to build fecundity objects
makeGrowthObjFunction to build growth objects
makeGrowthObjHossfeldFunction to make a Hossfeld Growth Object
makeIntegerFmatrixBuilds P and F matrices built off regressions fitted to...
makeIPMCmatrixBuilds C matrices.
makeIPMFmatrixBuilds F matrices.
makeIPMmatrixBuilds IPM matrices.
makeIPMPmatrixBuilds P matrices.
makeOffspringObjFunction to build offspring objects
makeSurvObjFunctions to build survival objects
meanLifeExpectCalculates the mean life expectancy.
passageTimeDefines passage time to a chosen continuous stage.
picGrowMakes pictures of data with growth models
picSurvMakes pictures of survival.
plotGrowthModelCompPlots compared models built with 'growthModelComp' and...
predictFutureDistributionPredicts continuous (e.g. size) stage distribution in the...
R0CalcCalculates net reproductive rate (R0) from an IPM.
sampleIPMBuilds list of IPMs or P matrices from list growth, survival,...
sampleIPMOutputGets IPM output from a list of P matrices (only survival and...
sampleSequentialIPMsMakes a list of IPMs where there is a discrete covariate.
sampleVitalRateObjCalculates growth objects reflecting distribution of...
sensParamsEstimates sensitivity and elasticity of lambda (or R0, or...
simulateCarlinaGenerates random data in the form used by IPMpack based on...
sizeToAgeEstimates size/stage to age relationships
stochGrowthRateManyCovEstimates stochastic population growth rates (lambda_s) or...
stochGrowthRateSampleListEstimating the stochastic population growth rate (lambda_s)...
stochPassageTimeEstimates passage time in a discretely varying environment.
survivorshipEstimates survivorship between two time censuses.
surv-methods~~ Methods for Function surv ~~
survObj-classClass "survObj"
survObjOverDisp-classClass '"survObjOverDisp"'
timeToSizeProjects how long it takes to get from a starting...
varLifeExpectCalculates variation in life expectancy in a discretely...
varPassageTimeEstimates variation in passage time.
wrapHossfeldFitting Hossfeld growth function.
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