Man pages for QCA
Qualitative Comparative Analysis

calibrateCalibrate raw data to crisp or fuzzy sets
causalChainPerform CNA - coincidence analysis using QCA
chartFunctionsCreate and solve a prime implicants chart
CVEthnic protest in Europe
exportExport a dataframe to a file or a connection
factorizeFactorize Boolean expressions
findRowsFind untenable configurations
findThFind calibration thresholds
fuzzyopsLogical operations
HCEthnic protest in Europe
implicantMatrixFunctionsFunctions Related to the Implicant Matrix
intersectionIntersect expressions
LegacyDatasetsLegacy datasets
LipsetLipset's indicators for the survival of democracy during the...
minimizeMinimize a truth table
modelFitTheory evaluation
negateNegate Boolean expressions
NFClass voting in post-World War era
pofCalculate parameters of fit
QCA-internalInternal Functions
QCA.packageQCA: A Package for Qualitative Comparative Analysis
recodeRecode a variable
retentionCompute the retention probability of a csQCA solution
RSUniversity recognition of a graduate student union
runGUIrun the GUI shiny app for the QCA package
SOPexpressionFunctions to interpret a DNF/SOP expression
subsetsAndSupersetsFunctions to find subsets or supersets
truthTableCreate a truth table
XplotDisplay the distribution of points for a single condition
XYplotCreate an XY plot
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