Qtools: Utilities for Quantiles

This is a collection of functions for unconditional and conditional quantiles.

AuthorMarco Geraci
Date of publication2015-11-04 14:26:52
MaintainerMarco Geraci <geraci@mailbox.sc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ao: Transformations

Chemistry: A-level Chemistry Scores

coef.rq.bin: Extract Coefficients

coef.rq.counts: Extract Coefficients

coef.rqt: Extract Coefficients

esterase: Esterase Essay Data

fitted.rq.bin: Extract Fitted Values from Binary Quantile Regression Models

fitted.rq.counts: Extract Fitted Values from Quantile Regression Models for...

fitted.rqt: Extract Fitted Values from Quantile Regression Transformation...

GOFTest: Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Quantile Regression Models

KhmaladzeFormat: Khmaladze Test

labor: Labor Pain Data

maref.rqt: Marginal Effects

mice.impute.rq: QR-based Multiple Imputation

midquantile: Mid-distribution Functions

Orthodont: Growth curve data on an orthdontic measurement

plot.qlss: Quantile-based Summary Statistics for Location, Scale and...

predict.rq.bin: Predictions from rq.bin Objects

predict.rq.counts: Predictions from rq.counts Objects

predict.rqt: Predictions from Quantile Regression Transformation Models

predict.rrq: Predictions from Restricted Quantile Regression Models

print.GOFTest: Print Goodness-of-Fit Test for Quantile Regression Models

print.rq.bin: Print Binary Quantile Regression Models

print.rq.counts: Print rq.counts

print.rqt: Print Transformation Models

print.rrq: Print Restricted Quantile Regression Models

qlss: Quantile-based Summary Statistics for Location, Scale and...

Qtools-internal: Internal Qtools objects

Qtools-package: Utilities for Quantilies

residuals.rq.counts: Residuals from an rq.counts Object

residuals.rqt: Residuals from an rqt Objects

rq.bin: Binary Quantile Regression

rqbinControl: Control parameters for rqbin estimation

rq.counts: Quantile Regression for Counts

rrq: Restricted Regression Quantiles

sparsity.rqt: Sparsity Estimation

summary.rqt: Summary for Quantile Regression Tranformation Models

summary.rrq: Summary for Restricted Quantile Regression Models

tsrq: Quantile Regression Transformation Models


addnoise Man page
ao Man page
bc Man page
boot.rqt Man page
boot.rrq Man page
Chemistry Man page
cloglog Man page
coefficients.rq.bin Man page
coefficients.rq.counts Man page
coefficients.rqt Man page
coef.rq.bin Man page
coef.rq.counts Man page
coef.rqt Man page
d1ao Man page
d1bc Man page
d1mcjI Man page
d2ao Man page
d2bc Man page
d2mcjI Man page
errorHandling Man page
esterase Man page
.First.lib Man page
fitted.rq.bin Man page
fitted.rq.counts Man page
fitted.rqt Man page
GOFTest Man page
invao Man page
invbc Man page
invcloglog Man page
invlogit Man page
invmap Man page
invmcjI Man page
invmcjII Man page
invpowerbase Man page
KhmaladzeFormat Man page
KhmaladzeTable Man page
l1Loss Man page
labor Man page
.Last.lib Man page
logit Man page
map Man page
maref Man page
marefao Man page
marefbc Man page
marefmcjI Man page
maref.rq.counts Man page
maref.rqt Man page
mcjI Man page
mcjII Man page
mice.impute.rq Man page
mice.impute.rrq Man page
midecdf Man page
midquantile Man page
midquantile.ci Man page
nlrq2 Man page
normalize Man page
Orthodont Man page
plot.qlss Man page
powerbase Man page
powrecbase Man page
predict.rq.bin Man page
predict.rq.counts Man page
predict.rqt Man page
predict.rrq Man page
print.GOFTest Man page
print.rq.bin Man page
print.rq.counts Man page
print.rqt Man page
print.rrq Man page
print.summary.rqt Man page
print.summary.rrq Man page
qlss Man page
qlss.default Man page
qlssFit.rq Man page
qlssFit.rqt Man page
qlss.formula Man page
qlss.numeric Man page
Qtools-package Man page
rcLoss Man page
rcrq Man page
rcTest Man page
residuals.rq.counts Man page
residuals.rqt Man page
rq.bin Man page
rqbinControl Man page
rqbin.fit Man page
rq.counts Man page
rrq Man page
rrq.fit Man page
rrq.wfit Man page
se.rqt Man page
sparsity Man page
sparsity.rq Man page
sparsity.rqs Man page
sparsity.rqt Man page
summary.rqt Man page
summary.rrq Man page
tsrq Man page
tsrq2 Man page

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