Man pages for R2BayesX
Estimate Structured Additive Regression Models with 'BayesX'

add.neighborAdd Neighborhood Relations
bayesxEstimate STAR Models with BayesX
bayesx.constructConstruct BayesX Model Term Objects
bayesx.controlControl Parameters for BayesX
bayesx.term.optionsShow BayesX Term Options
BeechBndBeech Location Map
BeechGraBeech Neighborhood Information
bnd2graConvert Boundary Format to Graph Format
colorlegendPlot a Color Legend
cprobExtract Contour Probabilities
delete.neighborDelete Neighborhood Relations
DICDeviance Information Criterion
FantasyBndFantasy Map
fitted.bayesxExtract BayesX Fitted Values and Residuals
ForestHealthForest Health Data
GAMartGAM Artificial Data Set
GCVGerneralized Cross Validation Criterion
GermanyBndGermany Map
get.neighborObtain Neighbors of Given Regions
getscriptGenerate an executable R fitted model script
GRstatsCompute Gelman and Rubin's convergence diagnostics from...
logfileBayesX Log-Files
MunichBndMunich Map
nbAndGraConversionConvert nb and gra format into each other
parse.bayesx.inputParse BayesX Input
plot2d2D Effect Plot
plot3d3D Effect Plot
plot.bayesxDefault BayesX Plotting
plotblockFactor Variable and Random Effects Plots
plotmapPlot Maps
plotsamplesPlot Sampling Path(s) of Coefficient(s) and Variance(s)
predict.bayesxPrediction from fitted BayesX objects
prgfileBayesX Program-Files
R2BayesX-packageEstimate STAR Models with BayesX
read.bayesx.outputRead BayesX Output from Directories
read.bndRead Geographical Information in Boundary Format
read.graRead Geographical Information in Graph Format
runtimeBayesX Program-Runtimes
samplesExtract Samples of Coefficients and Variances
shp2bndconvert a shape-file into a boundary object
sliceplotPlot Slices of Bivariate Functions
spAndBndConversionConvert sp and bnd format into each other
summary.bayesxBayesx Summary Statistics
sxConstruct BayesX Model Terms in A Formula
term.freqsExtract model term selection frequencies.
write.bayesx.inputWrite the BayesX Program
write.bndSaving Maps in Boundary Format
write.graSaving Maps in Graph Format
ZambiaBndZambia Map
ZambiaNutritionDeterminants of Childhood Malnutrition in Zambia
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