R2BayesX-package: Estimate STAR Models with BayesX

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This package interfaces the BayesX (http://www.BayesX.org) command-line binary from R. The main model fitting function is called bayesx.

Before STAR models can be estimated, the command-line version of BayesX needs to be installed, which is done by installing the R source code package BayesXsrc. Please see function bayesx and bayesx.control for more details on model fitting and controlling.

The package also provides functionality for high level graphics of estimated effects, see function plot.bayesx, plot2d, plot3d, plotblock, plotmap, plotsamples and colorlegend.

More standard extractor functions and methods for the fitted model objects may be applied, e.g., see function summary.bayesx, fitted.bayesx, residuals.bayesx, samples, plot.bayesx, as well as AIC, BIC etc., please see the examples of the help sites. Predictions for new data based on refitting with weights can be obtained by function predict.bayesx.

In addition, it is possible to run arbitrary BayesX program files using function run.bayesx. BayesX output files that are stored in a directory may be read into R calling function read.bayesx.output.


Nikolaus Umlauf, Thomas Kneib, Stefan Lang, Achim Zeileis.


  ## to see the package demos
  demo(package = "R2BayesX") 

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