RFLPtools: Tools to analyse RFLP data

RFLPtools provides functions to analyse DNA fragment samples (i.e. derived from RFLP-analysis) and standalone BLAST report files (i.e. DNA sequence analysis).

AuthorFabienne Flessa, Alexandra Kehl, Mohammed Aslam Imtiaz, Matthias Kohl
Date of publication2014-08-13 20:17:37
MaintainerMatthias Kohl <Matthias.Kohl@stamats.de>

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BLASTdata Man page
diffDist Man page
FragMatch Man page
germ Man page
linCombDist Man page
newDataGerm Man page
nrBands Man page
read.blast Man page
read.rflp Man page
refDataGerm Man page
RFLPcombine Man page
RFLPdata Man page
RFLPdist Man page
RFLPdist2 Man page
RFLPdist2ref Man page
RFLPlod Man page
RFLPplot Man page
RFLPqc Man page
RFLPref Man page
RFLPrefplot Man page
RFLPtools Man page
RFLPtools-package Man page
sim2dist Man page
simMatrix Man page
simulateRFLPdata Man page
write.hclust Man page

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