Man pages for RNMImport
Tools for importing and manipulating NONMEM data.

addDerivedCategoricalAdd binned variable to NONMEM object
addedDataGet added data
addVarDescriptionAdds a variable description
applyDataSubsetModify and apply data subsets
defaultDataSubsetConfigure the global data subset attached to NONMEM problems...
getEstimateCovReturns variance-covariance matrix, if available, from a...
getFileinfoVarious miscellaneous "getter"/extractor functions
getIterationsExtract parameter estimate iteration information from a given...
getMethodNamesGet method names
getNmFileExtensionsGets allowed NONMEM file extensions
getNmPathGets a user defined path
getObjectiveRetrieve objective function value
getOmegasRetrieve OMEGA estimates, initial values of
getProblemExtract an individual NONMEM problem
getSigmasA generic function that extracts sigma estimates (and initial...
getSimInfoGet Simulation Information.
getThetasA generic function that extracts theta estimates (and initial...
getVarDescriptionGets a variable description
importNmImport a NONMEM run
importNm7TablesImport new NONMEM 7 table files
importNmInterImport NONMEM "inter" file
importNmModParse a NONMEM control file
importNmReportImport the information in an output report file
imposeCategoryFormatForces the data in a NONMEM object to conform to the variable...
loggingLogging utilities
NMBasicModel-classStandard/"basic" NONMEM individual problem
NMBasicModelNM7-classStandard/"basic" NONMEM 7 individual problem
nmDataExtract input and / or output data tables from a NONMEM...
nmDatabyVarTypeGet NONMEM data by variable type
nmModel-classAuxilliary class for representing control file statements
NMProblem-classClass "NMProblem"
NMRun-classNONMEM run container class
nmRunReport-classAuxilliary classes for representing report file statements
NMSimDataGen-classClass for holding simulation problems that don't fit models
NMSimModel-classClass "NMSimModel"
NMSimModelNM7-classClass "NMSimModelNM7"
readNmDataRead NONMEM dataset removing any "IGNORE" rows and dealing...
removeNmPathRemoves a user specified path
runRNMImportTestsrun package regression tests
setNmFileExtensionsfile allowed file extensions
setNmPathStores a user specified path
setVarDescriptionSets new variable characteristics
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