### HampIC is only used internally; so no generating function exists;

## Access methods
setMethod("biastype", "HampIC", function(object) object@biastype)
setMethod("normtype", "HampIC", function(object) object@normtype)
setMethod("stand", "HampIC", function(object) object@stand)
setMethod("weight", "HampIC", function(object) object@weight)
setMethod("lowerCase", "HampIC", function(object) object@lowerCase)
setMethod("neighborRadius", "HampIC", function(object) object@neighborRadius)

setReplaceMethod("neighborRadius", "HampIC",
    function(object, value){
        object@neighborRadius <- value
        if(any(value < 0)) # radius vector?!
            stop("'value' has to be in [0, Inf]")
        addInfo(object) <- c("neighborRadius<-", "The slot 'neighborRadius' has been changed")
        addInfo(object) <- c("neighborRadius<-", "The entries in 'Risks' and 'Infos' may be wrong")

## comment 20180809: reverted changes in rev 1110

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