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Optimally Robust Estimation for Extreme Value Distributions

0RobExtremes-packageRobExtremes - Optimally Robust Estimation for Extreme Value...
asvarMedkMADFunction to compute asymptotic variance of MedkMAD estimator
asvarPickandsFunction to compute asymptotic variance of Pickands estimator
asvarQBCCFunction to compute asymptotic variance of QuantileBCC...
checkmakeIC-methodsMethods for Functions checkIC and makeIC in Package...
EGeneric Function for the Computation of (Conditional)...
getCVaRRisk Measures for Scale-Shape Families
getStartIC-methodsMethods for Function getStartIC in Package 'RobExtremes'
GEVGenerating function for GEV-class
GEV-classGeneralized EV distribution
GEVFamilyGenerating function for families of Generalized Extreme Value...
GEVFamilyMuUnknownGenerating function for families of Generalized Extreme Value...
GEVParameter-classParameter of generalized Pareto distributions
GParetoGenerating function for GPareto-class
GPareto-classGeneralized Pareto distribution
GParetoFamilyGenerating function for Generalized Pareto families
GParetoParameter-classParameter of generalized Pareto distributions
GumbelGenerating function for Gumbel-class
Gumbel-classGumbel distribution
GumbelLocationFamilyGenerating function for Gumbel location families
GumbelParameter-classParamter of Gumbel distributions
internalEstimatorReturnClasses-classInternal Estimator Return Classes in 'RobExtremes'
internal-interpolateInternal helper functions for generating interpolation grids...
internalldeHelpersInternal helper functions for treating LDEstimators in...
internal-methodsMethods for Function .checkEstClassForParamFamily in Package...
internalProbFamilyClasses-classInternal Classes for Method Dispatch in 'ProbFamliy' Classes
internalProbFamilyReturnClasses-classInternal return classes for generating functions
interpolateSnFunction to compute LD (location-dispersion) estimates
ismevgpdgevdiag-methodsMethods for Diagnostic Functions in Package 'RobExtremes'
kMADAsymmetric Median of Absolute Deviations for Skewed...
LDEstimatorFunction to compute LD (location-dispersion) estimates
mov2bckRef-methodsMethods for Functions moving from and to reference parameter...
ParetoGenerating function for Pareto-class
Pareto-classPareto distribution
ParetoFamilyGenerating function for Generalized Pareto families
ParetoParameter-classParamter of Pareto distributions
PickandsEstimatorFunction to compute Pickands estimates for the GPD and GEVD
QuantileBCCEstimatorFunction to compute QuantileBCC estimates for the Weibull...
rescaleFunction-methodsMethods for Function rescaleFunction in Package 'RobExtremes'
RobExtremesConstantsBuilt-in Constants in package RobExtremes
validParameter-methodsMethods for function validParameter in Package 'RobExtremes'
VarGeneric Functions for the Computation of Functionals
WeibullFamilyGenerating function for Weibull family
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