Man pages for WaveSeqR
A Wavelet-based Method for ChIP-Seq peak calling

checkFolderHierarchyCheck folder organization
compareWithControlCompare ChIP to Control
controlFDRFDR Estimation with Control
gabp_peaksPeak Calling results on GABP data
gapDiagnosticFunction to Select Suitable Gap Size
gapPeaksConcatenate Peaks within a User-specified Distance
getConfidenceIntervalGet confidence intervals of Wavelet coefficients after Monte...
getPeakReadsGet Reads Within a List of Specified Locations
getPeakReads_batchGet Reads Within a List of Specified Locations in Batch
getThresholdDistributionWavelet Threshold Estimation
noControlFDRFDR Estimation without Control
preprocessData preprocessing
randomizedBackgroundRandomized Background Estimation
waveletThresholdingPerform Wavelet CWT Thresholding
waveseqRun WaveSeq Analysis Pipeline
WaveSeqR-packageWaveSeq: A Wavelet-based Algorithm for Detecting Histone...
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