04-cycles: Finding Cycles in Biological Pathways

gpml-cyclesR Documentation

Finding Cycles in Biological Pathways


Tools to find and interpret cycles in graphs derived from pathways in WikiPathways.


interpretCycle(v, graph)
cycleSubgraph(graph, cycles)



An igraph object produced by GPMLtoIgraph from a pathway file in GPML format.


One of the cycles produced by the findCycles function.


The list of cycles produced by the findCycles function.


The implementation of the findCycles function, while provably correct, makes no concessions to efficiency. It is likely to be adequate for the vast majority of biological pathways present in WikiPathways, but may prove incapable of handling large complex graphs in general. The algorithm is a sraightforward double loop. It first iterates over all nodes, and uses the neighbors function from igraph to find all nodes that are directly connected to the start node. It then iterates over those neighbors and uses the all_simple_paths function from igraph to find all paths that lead back to the starting node. One aspect of its lack of efficiency is that each cycle with N nodes is found N times, once for each place you could start traversing the cycle. Before returning the value to the user, it chooses a unique representative for each such cycle by finding the "earliest" node, based on its index, to start from.


The findCycles function returns a list. Each element of the list is a cycle, repreented by a named character vector specifying the nodes in the order that they can be traversed.

The interpretCycle function returns a matrix with two columns, genes and arrows. Each row contains the gene name (or label) of a node and the form of the interaction arrow relating it to the next node in the cycle. Likely to be most often used inside an lapply function in order to interpret all cycles at once.

The cycleSubgraph function returns an igraph object. This value repesents the subgraph of the full graph defined by all nodes that are part of at least one cycle.


Kevin R. Coombes krc@silicovore.com, Polina Bombina pbombina@augusta.edu


xmlfile <- system.file("pathways/WP3850.gpml", package = "WayFindR")
graf <- GPMLtoIgraph(xmlfile)
cyc <- findCycles(graf)
CS <- cycleSubgraph(graf, cyc)

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