Man pages for aqp
Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology

addBracketAdd Depth Brackets
addVolumeFractionSymbolize Volume Fraction on a Soil Profile Collection Plot
aggregateColorSummarize Soil Colors
aggregateSoilDepthProbabalistic Estimation of Soil Depth
amarilloAmarillo Soils
aqp-packageAlgorithms for Quantitative Pedology
ca630Soil Data from the Central Sierra Nevada Region of California
estimateSoilDepthEstimate Soil Depth
evalGenHZEvaluate Generalized Horizon Labels
evalMissingDataEvaluate Missing Data
f.noiseExample Objective Function for Full-Pattern Matching
generalize.hzGeneralize Horizon Names ML Horizon Boundaries
getSoilDepthClassGenerate Soil Depth Class Matrix
groupedProfilePlotGrouped Soil Profile Plot
guessGenHzLevelsGuess Appropriate Ordering for Generalized Horizon Labels
hzDistinctnessCodeToOffsetConvert Horizon Distinctness Codes
hzTransitionProbabilitiesHorizon Transition Probabilities
missingDataGridMissing Data Grid
munsellMunsell-RGB Lookup Table for Common Soil Colors
munsell2rgbConvert Munsell Notation to and from RGB color coordinates
panel.depth_functionLattice Panel Function for Soil Profiles
plot_distance_graphBetween Individual Distance Plot
plotMultipleSPCPlot Multiple SoilProfileCollection Objects
profileApply-methodsApply a function to soil profiles within a...
profile_compare-methodsNumerical Soil Profile Comparison
profileGroupLabelsSoil Profile Group Labels
random_profileRandom Profile
resample.twothetaResample an XRD Pattern
rruff.sampleSample XRD Patterns
simSimulate Soil Profiles
soilColorSignatureSoil Profile Color Signatures
SoilProfileCollection-classSoilProfileCollection Class
sp1Soil Profile Data Example 1
sp2Honcut Creek Soil Profile Data
sp3Soil Profile Data Example 3
sp4Soil Chemical Data from Serpentinitic Soils of California
sp5Sample Soil Database #5
SPC-plottingProfile Plot
SPC-slab-methodsSlab-Wise Aggregation of SoilProfileCollection Objects
SPC-slice-methodsSlicing of SoilProfilecollection Objects
SPC-unique-methodsGet Indices to Unique Soil Profiles Within a Collection
SPC-utilsGetters, Setters, and Utility Methods for...
subsetProfiles-methodsSubset SoilProfileCollection Objects.
test_hz_logicTest Horizon Logic
texture.triangle.low.rv.highSoil Texture Low-RV-High as Defined by Quantiles
unrollUnroll Genetic Horizons
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