Man pages for bbmle
Tools for general maximum likelihood estimation profile to data frame
BIC-methodsLog likelihoods and model selection for mle2 objects calls to character
get.mnamesextract model names
ICtabCompute table of information criteria and auxiliary info
mle2Maximum Likelihood Estimation
mle2.optionsOptions for maximum likelihood estimation
mle-classClass "mle2". Result of Maximum Likelihood Estimation.
namedropdrop unneeded names from list elements
parnamesget and set parameter names
predict-methodsPredicted values from an mle2 fit
profile-methodsLikelihood profiles
profile.mle-classMethods for likelihood profiles
relistreconstruct the structure of a list
sbinomAbstract definitions of distributions
sliceCalculate likelihood "slices"
slice.mle-classlikelihood-surface slices
strwrapxWrap strings at white space and + symbols
summary.mle-classClass "summary.mle2", summary of "mle2" objects
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