countreg: Count Data Regression

Regression models for count data, including zero-inflated, zero-truncated, and hurdle models as well as generalized count data regression. Drivers for combination with flexmix and mboost are also provided. For (graphically) assessing the goodness of fit for (regression) models, rootograms and quantile residuals are available.

AuthorAchim Zeileis [aut, cre], Christian Kleiber [aut]
Date of publication2016-12-29 22:53:24
MaintainerAchim Zeileis <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

CodParasites: Parasite Infections in Cod

CrabSatellites: Horseshoe Crab Mating

disptest: Dispersion Tests

FLXMRnegbin: FlexMix Interface to Negative Binomial Regression Models

hnbinom: The Hurdle Negative Binomial Distribution

hpois: The Hurdle Poisson Distribution

hurdle: Hurdle Models for Count Data Regression

hurdle.control: Control Parameters for Hurdle Count Data Regression

hurdletest: Testing for the Presence of a Zero Hurdle

MBnegbin: mboost Families for Binary, (Zero-Truncated) Negative...

OralHealthNL: Oral Health in Children in The Netherlands

predict.hurdle: Methods for hurdle Objects

predict.zeroinfl: Methods for zeroinfl Objects

predict.zerotrunc: Methods for zerotrunc Objects

qqrplot: Q-Q Plots for Quantile Residuals

qresiduals: (Randomized) Quantile Residuals

rootogram: Rootograms for Assessing Goodness of Fit of Probability...

SerumPotassium: Serum Potassium Levels

TakeoverBids: Takeover Bids Data

VolcanoHeights: Tukey's Volcano Heights

zeroinfl: Zero-inflated Count Data Regression

zeroinfl.control: Control Parameters for Zero-inflated Count Data Regression

zerotrunc: Zero-Truncated Count Data Regression

zerotrunc.control: Control Parameters for Zero-Truncated Count Data Regression

zinbinom: The Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution

zipois: The Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution

zitest: Zero Inflation Tests

ztnbinom: The Zero-Truncated Negative Binomial Distribution

ztpois: The Zero-Truncated Poisson Distribution

ztpoisson: Family Object for the Zero-Truncated Poisson Distribution


autoplot.rootogram Man page
CodParasites Man page
coef.hurdle Man page
coef.zeroinfl Man page
coef.zerotrunc Man page
CrabSatellites Man page
c.rootogram Man page
dhnbinom Man page
dhpois Man page
disptest Man page
dzinbinom Man page
dzipois Man page
dztnbinom Man page
dztpois Man page
estfun.zerotrunc Man page
extractAIC.hurdle Man page
extractAIC.zeroinfl Man page
extractAIC.zerotrunc Man page
fitted.hurdle Man page
fitted.zeroinfl Man page
fitted.zerotrunc Man page
FLXMRnegbin Man page
getSummary.hurdle Man page
getSummary.zeroinfl Man page
getSummary.zerotrunc Man page
hurdle Man page
hurdle.control Man page
hurdletest Man page
logLik.hurdle Man page
logLik.zeroinfl Man page
logLik.zerotrunc Man page
MBbinomial Man page
MBnegbin Man page
MBztnegbin Man page
MBztpoisson Man page
model.frame.zerotrunc Man page
model.matrix.hurdle Man page
model.matrix.zeroinfl Man page
model.matrix.zerotrunc Man page
nobs.hurdle Man page
nobs.zeroinfl Man page
nobs.zerotrunc Man page
OralHealthNL Man page
phnbinom Man page
phpois Man page
plot.rootogram Man page
predict.hurdle Man page
predict.zeroinfl Man page
predict.zerotrunc Man page
predprob.hurdle Man page
predprob.zeroinfl Man page
predprob.zerotrunc Man page
print.hurdle Man page
print.summary.hurdle Man page
print.summary.zeroinfl Man page
print.summary.zerotrunc Man page
print.zeroinfl Man page
print.zerotrunc Man page
pzinbinom Man page
pzipois Man page
pztnbinom Man page
pztpois Man page
qhnbinom Man page
qhpois Man page
qqrplot Man page
qresiduals Man page
qresiduals.default Man page
qresiduals.glm Man page
qresiduals.hurdle Man page
qresiduals.zeroinfl Man page
qresiduals.zerotrunc Man page
qzinbinom Man page
qzipois Man page
qztnbinom Man page
qztpois Man page
rbind.rootogram Man page
residuals.hurdle Man page
residuals.zeroinfl Man page
residuals.zerotrunc Man page
rhnbinom Man page
rhpois Man page
rootogram Man page
+.rootogram Man page
rootogram.default Man page
rootogram.gam Man page
rootogram.gamlss Man page
rootogram.glm Man page
rootogram.hurdle Man page
rootogram.numeric Man page
rootogram.zeroinfl Man page
rootogram.zerotrunc Man page
rzinbinom Man page
rzipois Man page
rztnbinom Man page
rztpois Man page
SerumPotassium Man page
shnbinom Man page
shpois Man page
summary.hurdle Man page
summary.zeroinfl Man page
summary.zerotrunc Man page
szinbinom Man page
szipois Man page
sztnbinom Man page
sztpois Man page
TakeoverBids Man page
terms.hurdle Man page
terms.zeroinfl Man page
terms.zerotrunc Man page
vcov.hurdle Man page
vcov.zeroinfl Man page
vcov.zerotrunc Man page
VolcanoHeights Man page
zeroinfl Man page
zeroinfl.control Man page
zerotrunc Man page
zerotrunc.control Man page
zitest Man page
ztpoisson Man page


countreg/R/FLXMRnegbin.R countreg/R/MBnegbin.R countreg/R/disptest.R countreg/R/hnbinom.R countreg/R/hpois.R countreg/R/hurdle.R countreg/R/logseries.R countreg/R/qqrplot.R countreg/R/qresiduals.R countreg/R/rootogram.R countreg/R/scores.R countreg/R/zeroinfl.R countreg/R/zerotrunc.R countreg/R/zinbinom.R countreg/R/zipois.R countreg/R/zitest.R countreg/R/ztnbinom.R countreg/R/ztpoisson.R
countreg/man/CodParasites.Rd countreg/man/CrabSatellites.Rd countreg/man/FLXMRnegbin.Rd countreg/man/MBnegbin.Rd countreg/man/OralHealthNL.Rd countreg/man/SerumPotassium.Rd countreg/man/TakeoverBids.Rd countreg/man/VolcanoHeights.Rd countreg/man/disptest.Rd countreg/man/hnbinom.Rd countreg/man/hpois.Rd countreg/man/hurdle.Rd countreg/man/hurdle.control.Rd countreg/man/hurdletest.Rd countreg/man/predict.hurdle.Rd countreg/man/predict.zeroinfl.Rd countreg/man/predict.zerotrunc.Rd countreg/man/qqrplot.Rd countreg/man/qresiduals.Rd countreg/man/rootogram.Rd countreg/man/zeroinfl.Rd countreg/man/zeroinfl.control.Rd countreg/man/zerotrunc.Rd countreg/man/zerotrunc.control.Rd countreg/man/zinbinom.Rd countreg/man/zipois.Rd countreg/man/zitest.Rd countreg/man/ztnbinom.Rd countreg/man/ztpois.Rd countreg/man/ztpoisson.Rd

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