Man pages for countreg
Count Data Regression

binomExtension of the Binomial Distribution
CodParasitesParasite Infections in Cod
CrabSatellitesHorseshoe Crab Mating
disptestDispersion Tests
FLXMRnegbinFlexMix Interface to Negative Binomial Regression Models
hnbinomThe Hurdle Negative Binomial Distribution
hpoisThe Hurdle Poisson Distribution
hurdleHurdle Models for Count Data Regression
hurdle.controlControl Parameters for Hurdle Count Data Regression
hurdletestTesting for the Presence of a Zero Hurdle
MBnegbinmboost Families for Binary, (Zero-Truncated) Negative...
nbinomExtension of the Negative Binomial Distribution
OralHealthNLOral Health in Children in The Netherlands
pitProbability Integral Transform (PIT)
pithistPIT Histograms for Assessing Goodness of Fit of Probability...
poisExtension of the Poisson Distribution
predict.hurdleMethods for hurdle Objects
predict.zeroinflMethods for zeroinfl Objects
predict.zerotruncMethods for zerotrunc Objects
qqrplotQ-Q Plots for Quantile Residuals
qresiduals(Randomized) Quantile Residuals
rootogramRootograms for Assessing Goodness of Fit of Probability...
SerumPotassiumSerum Potassium Levels
TakeoverBidsTakeover Bids Data
VolcanoHeightsTukey's Volcano Heights
zeroinflZero-inflated Count Data Regression
zeroinfl.controlControl Parameters for Zero-inflated Count Data Regression
zerotruncZero-Truncated Count Data Regression
zerotrunc.controlControl Parameters for Zero-Truncated Count Data Regression
zinbinomThe Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution
zipoisThe Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution
zitestZero Inflation Tests
ztnbinomThe Zero-Truncated Negative Binomial Distribution
ztpoisThe Zero-Truncated Poisson Distribution
ztpoissonFamily Object for the Zero-Truncated Poisson Distribution
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