Man pages for heplots
Visualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models

AddHealthAdolescent Health Data
AdoptedAdopted Children
arrow3dDraw a 3D Arrow in an RGL Scene
bartlettTestsBartlett Tests of Homogeneity of Variances
BeesCaptive and maltreated bees
boxMBox's M-test
coefplotCoefficient plots for Multivariate Linear Models
colDevsCalculate column deviations from central values
covEllipsesDraw classical and robust covariance ellipses for one or more...
cqplotChi Square Quantile-Quantile plots
cross3dDraw a 3D cross in an rgl scene
DiabetesDiabetes Dataset
ellipse3d.axesDraw axes of a 3D ellipsoid
etasqMeasures of Partial Association (Eta-squared) for Linear...
FootHeadHead measurements of football players
gsorthOrthogonalize successive columns of a data frame or matrix
HeadacheTreatment of Headache Sufferers for Sensitivity to Noise
heplotTwo-Dimensional HE Plots
heplot1dOne-Dimensional HE Plots
heplot3dThree-Dimensional HE Plots
heplot-packageVisualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models
heplots-internalInternal heplots functions
HerniorRecovery from Elective Herniorrhaphy
interpPlotPlot an Interpolation Between Two Related Data Sets
label.ellipseLabel an ellipse
leveneTestsLevene Tests of Homogeneity of Variances
logdetCICalculate confidence interval for log determinant of...
MahalanobisClassical and Robust Mahalanobis Distances
mark.H0Mark a point null hypothesis in an HE plot
MockJuryEffects Of Physical Attractiveness Upon Mock Jury Decisions
NeuroCogNeurocognitive Measures in Psychiatric Groups
NLSYNational Longitudinal Survey of Youth Data
OsloOslo Transect Subset Data
pairs.mlmPairwise HE Plots
ParentingFather Parenting Competance
PlasticPlastic Film Data
plot.boxMPlot for Box's M test and generalizations
plot.robmlmPlot observation weights from a robust multivariate linear...
Pottery2Chemical Analysis of Romano-British Pottery
ProbeResponse Speed in a Probe Experiment
RatWeightWeight Gain in Rats Exposed to Thiouracil and Thyroxin
ReactTimeReaction Time Data
robmlmRobust Fitting of Multivariate Linear Models
RohwerRohwer Data Set
RootStockGrowth of Apple Trees from Different Root Stocks
SakeTaste Ratings of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)
schooldataSchool Data
SkullsEgyptian Skulls
SocGradesGrades in a Sociology Course
SocialCogSocial Cognitive Measures in Psychiatric Groups
statListCalculate statistics for levels of factors
termMeansCalculate Means for a Term in a Multivariate Linear Model
trans.colorsMake Colors Transparent
VocabGrowthVocabulary growth data
WeightLossWeight Loss Data
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