Man pages for lcmix
Layered and chained mixture models

categoricalThe Categorical Distribution
constants"Constants" Used in Program Control
convergencePlotShow EM Algorithm Convergence
covariance_etcCovariance and Standard Deviation MLE
data_setsExample Data Sets
distance_functionsEuclidean and Manhattan Distance
evpatEvaluate Parsable Text
force.rangeForce Within Range
isMDFTest For Matrix Or Data Frame
lcmix-packageLayered and Chained Mixture Models
likelihood_functionsLikelihood-Based Mixture Model Statistics
list_functionsConvenience Functions For Lists
marginalsExtract Marginal Models
matrix_functionsConvenience Functions For Matrices
mdmixmodMultiple Data Mixture Models
mixmodSingle Data Source Mixture Model
model_reportingMixture Model Reporting
multivariate_gamma_functionsMultivariate Gamma Functions
mvexpThe Multivariate Exponential Distribution
mvgammaThe Multivariate Gamma Distribution
mvnormThe Multivariate Normal Distribution
mvpviiThe Multivariate Pearson Type VII (PVII) Distribution
mvweisdThe Multivariate Weibull (Shape-Decay) Distribution
numericolsNumeric Columns Of Data Frame
posteriorsJoint And Marginal Model Posterior Probabilities
pviiThe Pearson Type VII (PVII) Distribution
rlapplyRecursive List Apply
roc_curvesReceiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves
simulationGenerate Simulated Data
standardizeStandardize Data
string_functionsFunctions for Creating or Manipulating Strings
thetahatParameter Estimation for Common Distributions
uniform.quantilesEvenly Spaced Sample Quantiles
weisdThe Weibull (Shape-Decay) Distribution
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