number.of.field.components: Handling of mixed particle fields

Description Arguments


Many functions in libamtrack offer the possibility to consider mixed particle fields. These fields are composed from a finite number of specific nuclids defined by All particles of an individual component are supposed to have exactly the same energy (given by, without spread. Thus an energy distribution has to be describe in discrete energy steps. Below is a compilation of the arguments a mixed field is described by. Depending on the function all or a subset are necessary. If arrays of length > number.of.field.components are entered, the additional data will be ignored. If array hold too few data, the computation will not be executed.



A variable describing how many components are used for the field. This also dictates the array lengths of all following variables.


Particle energies (array of size number.of.field.components, see also E.MeV.u

Particle type indices (array of size number.of.field.components), see also


Fluences (if positive), or doses (if negative, array of size number.of.field.components), see also fluence.cm2.or.dose.Gy

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