mas3321: Bayes normal linear model and basic MCMC

Package contains functions, data and examples of a Bayesian analysis of the normal linear model using conjugate priors and the analysis of simple models using non-conjugate priors

AuthorRichard Boys
Date of publication2016-09-01 15:38:23
MaintainerRichard Boys <>

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Man pages

cavendish: Data collected by the 18th century physicist Henry Cavendish...

coagulation: Data on the effect of three new diets on the blood...

contamination: Data on the aerobic colony counts (acc, measured in colony...

crickets: Data on the frequency of chirps made by a striped ground...

dbvnorm: The Bivariate Normal distribution

dbvt: The Bivariate t distribution

demoCommands: Launches an editor containing the commands in a demo

dgt: The Generalised t distribution

dinvchi: The Inverse Chi distribution

dnormgamma: The Normal-Gamma distribution

dnorminvchi: The Normal-InvChi distribution

elicitgzerofn: Function used in the elicitation of normal-gamma prior...

elicitNGa: Elicitation of normal-gamma prior distribution by using...

gibbsNormal: Gibbs sampler for a normal random sample with a...

gibbsNormal2: Gibbs sampler for a normal random sample with a conjugate...

gibbsReffects: Gibbs sampler for a one-way normal random effects model with...

hdiBeta: The highest density interval (HDI) for a Beta(a,b)...

hdiGamma: The highest density interval (HDI) for a Gamma(a,b)...

hdiInvchi: The highest density interval (HDI) for a Inv-Chi(a,b)...

hepatitis: Data on the logarithm of ornithine carbonyltransferase (a...

malcolm: Data collected by Malcolm on the height and shoe size of a...

mcmcAnalysis: Summarise and plot tabular MCMC output

mcmcBoxplot: Box plots from MCMC output

mcmcCi: Equi-tailed confidence intervals from MCMC output

mcmcProcess: Function to remove burn-in and thin MCMC output

metropolis: Metropolis algorithm to simulate realisations from a standard...

mhReffects: Metropolis-Hastings algorithm for a one-way normal random...

mwgGamma: Metropolis within Gibbs algorithm for a gamma random sample

NGaposterior: Parameters of the NGa posterior distribution when sampling...

quadform2d: Function calculates a quadratic form for 2-d vectors


cavendish Man page
coagulation Man page
contamination Man page
crickets Man page
dbvnorm Man page
dbvt Man page
demoCommands Man page
dgt Man page
dinvchi Man page
dnormgamma Man page
dnorminvchi Man page
elicitgzerofn Man page
elicitNGa Man page
gibbsNormal Man page
gibbsNormal2 Man page
gibbsReffects Man page
hdiBeta Man page
hdiGamma Man page
hdiInvchi Man page
hepatitis Man page
malcolm Man page
mcmcAnalysis Man page
mcmcBoxplot Man page
mcmcCi Man page
mcmcProcess Man page
metropolis Man page
mhReffects Man page
mwgGamma Man page
NGacontour Man page
NGaposterior Man page
pgt Man page
pinvchi Man page
qgt Man page
qinvchi Man page
quadform2d Man page
rgt Man page
rinvchi Man page
rnormgamma Man page
rnorminvchi Man page
tcontour Man page

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