metrumrg: Pharmacometric Tools for Data Preparation, Modeling, Simulation, and Reporting

Pharmacometric tools for common data preparation tasks, stratified bootstrap resampling of data sets, NONMEM control stream creation/editing, NONMEM model execution, creation of standard and user-defined diagnostic plots, execution and summary of bootstrap and predictive check results, implementation of simulations from posterior parameter distributions, reporting of output tables and creation of detailed analysis logs.

AuthorTim Bergsma, Bill Knebel, Leonid Gibiansky, Natalie Hsiang
Date of publication2015-10-08 17:48:58
MaintainerBill Knebel <>

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Man pages

accept: Document Acceptance of an R Installation

acceptance: List the History of Acceptance.

addl: Calculate a NONMEM ADDL data item from explicit records.

align.decimal: Format Numeric Vectors Specially Coerce data unambiguously to numeric or character

as.comment: Create and Manipulate Comment Objects Convert a Block of Lines to Data Frame

as.define: Work with Data Definitions

as.init: Work with Initial Estimates as Objects

as.keyed: Create and Manipulate Keyed Data Frames

as.nm: Create and Manipulate nm Objects

as.nmctl: Create, Manipulate, Read, and Write NONMEM Control Streams

as.pxml: Convert a Param File to XML

as.second: Interconvert Nominal Time Units

as.spec: Create and Manipulate spec Objects Create a Run Log for NONMEM7 using NONMEM6 Format

as.xml: Represent an Object as XML

attribute: Encode an Attribute for an XML Open Tag

AUC: Calculate AUC Using the Trapezoidal Method

aug: Augment a List-like Object

backtrans: Back-transform Columns in a Data Frame

bin: Calculate Bin Sizes and Limits for a Vector

bounds: Calculate Normal Quantiles at Boundaries of Probability...

bracket: Create an XML Tag

breaks: Identify Boundaries Between Sets of Elements

bundleRead: Read Data Files from a Directory into a List

cast-methods: Methods for Function 'cast' in Package 'reshape'

check.subjects: Summarize Columns of Subject Data

CLNR: Delete Files and Directories

closers: Calculate Closing Text for Nested Script Levels

codes: Recover Metadata from spec Objects and their Components

colname: Change Selected Names

combinations: Display Combinations of Column Values

command: Format a Latex Command

compileflag: Develop a Value for a Compiler Resource on the Grid

compiler: Extract the Compiler Name from an NMQual Configuration File

compute.cwres: Compute the Conditional Weighted Residuals

config: Identify the Configuration File in an NMQual-mediated NONMEM...

constant: Test for Nested Factors

contains: Test a Character Vector for Occurences of a Pattern

convertLines: Convert Line Endings

css: Calculate One-Compartment Model Properties

c.temporal: Support for timepoint Classes

cv: Compute Coefficient of Variation for Normal and Log-Normal...

dataFormat: Integrate NONMEM Data for Plotting

dataSynthesis: Build a Standard Plotting Data Set for a Given NONR Run

diagnosticPlots: Create Diagnostic Plots

digest: Diagnose Static Data Relationships

electronicAppendix: Make an FDA-style Electronic Appendix from a Subversioned...

encode: Encode Factor-like Levels and Labels as a Simple String

episcript: Run an Epilog Script in a Pre-populated Environment

extensions: Instantiate Records Implied By Range Data

extract: Extract a Parenthetically-grouped Substring of a Regular...

filename: Construct a Canonical File Name

findNonmemCommand: Find Paths to Available Nonmem Commands

first: Identify Elements Within Cells Meeting Some Instance of a...

fixedwidth: Apply Fixed-width Formatting to a Data Frame

fixProblem: Clean Up a Control Stream

flag: Create and Manipulate Flags

ftable2data.frame: Convert ftable to data.frame

getCovs: Return Non-commented Non-duplicated Rows of a NONMEM Data Set

getCwres: Return the Conditional Weighted Residuals Pertinent to a...

getdname: Extract the Path and File from the DATA Block in the Control...

getPars: Return the Non-duplicated (ID) Rows Corresponding to the...

getTabs: Return the Observation Rows (EVID==0) Corresponding to the...

glue: Paste Items with No Space

groupnames: Construct a Single Vector of Group Names from Possibly...

half.matrix: Interconvert Between a Symmetric Matrix and a Triangular...

hash: Supply Comment Characters with Output

helpAdminister: metrumrg: Administrative

helpBrowse: metrumrg: Extended Examples

helpClasses: metrumrg: Data Classes

helpDataFrame: metrumrg: Working with Data Frames

helpList: metrumrg: Defined Functions

helpMatrix: metrumrg: Working with Matrices

helpModel: metrumrg: Modeling

helpPharmacometric: metrumrg: Pharmacometrics

helpPrepare: metrumrg: Data Preparation

helpQuantify: metrumrg: Statistics

helpReport: metrumrg: Reporting

helpSimulate: metrumrg: Simulation

helpStrategic: metrumrg: Strategic Data Manipulation

helpVector: metrumrg: Working with Vectors

helpVisualize: metrumrg: Plotting

ibw: Calculate Various Clinical Indicators

index: Visualize Static Data Relationships Limit Data to Inner Quantiles by Imputing NA.

is.alpha: Test For Alphabetic Content

is.defined: Test Whether Values are Defined

is.diagonal: Analyze Parameter Labels

is.latex.token: Determine if String is Valid Latex Command or Environment Check That Each Element is a Single Non-letter

is.square.matrix: Test Whether a Matrix is Square

isSubversioned: Check Whether Files Are Subversioned

isSubversionedFile: Check If Single file Is Subversioned

iterations: Harvest Iteration Statistics from NONMEM Output and Convert...

justUnits: Extract Substring of Wiki Math

keyed-class: Class '"keyed"'

latest: Identify the Latest Variants of Each File as Distinguished by...

latex.args: Format Latex Command Arguments

latex.options: Format Latex Command Options

locf: Impute Missing Vector Values

lookup: Lookup Alternate Versions of Parameter Codes Convert a Data Frame to a Latex Table

map: Map One Set of Values to Another

matches: Test the Correspondence between a Table and a Specification

melt.keyed: Melt a Keyed Data Frame

metaMerge: Recursively Merge Multiple Tables

metaSub.character: Create Replicate Text files with Systematic Substitutions

metrumrg-package: Pharmacometric Tools for Data Preparation, Modeling,...

metrumrgURL: View a metrumrg Package File

monotonic: Determine Whether a Vector is Monotonic

naInContext: Display Missing Values in Context

nasum: Count Number of 'NA' Values in List Items

ncomma: Report Names as Comma-delimited

nest: Nest an XML Fragment in a Parent Element

nix: Identify Unix-like Platforms Build Commands to Invoke NONMEM

nmPlots: An Extensible List of Diagnostic Plots for nm Objects

nmVersion: Extract the NONMEM Version from an NMQual Configuration File


omegacor: Extract NONMEM Covariance or Correlation Matrices

ops: Operator Syntax for Joining Keyed Data Frames

ord.matrix: Give the Order of a Symmetric Matrix or Half Matrix

packageCheck: Load a Package and Run Package-level Examples for Testing...

panel.densitystrip: Display Distributions with Respect to Reference Values

panel.hist: Plot Histograms Flexibly

panel.stratify: Handle Each Level of a Stripplot Separately

parameter2wiki: Convert Parameter Labels to Wikimath

params: List Documented Parameters

parens: Wrap Text in Parentheses

partab: Construct a Parameter Table

percent: Calculate Percent.

plotFileName: Make a Name for a Diagnostic Plot File

plot.nm: Plot An Object of Class nm

PLOTR: Create Diagnostic Plots for a NONMEM Run

pool: Test Set Relations Among Two Vectors

posmat: Coerce a Matrix to be Positive Definite

prev: Check Some Properties of Vectors

purge.dir: Purge a Directory

purge.files: Purge Files

qstat: Invoke SGE qstat

qsub: Build Commands to Invoke SGE qsub

random: Select Random Members of an Object

reapply: Apply a Function Across Cells of an Indexed Vector, Giving an... Create Replicate Data Sets by Stratified Sampling

rinvchisq: Generate Inverse Chi-square Distribution

riwish: Generate Inverse Wishart Distribution

rlog: Generate a Combined Run Log from Multiple NONMEM Runs

row2tabular: Format Vector for Latex Tabular Row

runCommand: Issue the System Call That Invokes NONMEM

runlog: Convert Model Metadata to Various Formats

runNonmem: Process a Request for NONMEM Invocation

runstate: Detect State of a Run Using File Existence Criteria Call a Function Safely

safeQuote: Single-quote Conditionally

setCwres: Append Conditional Weighted Residuals to an Appropriate File

sets: Binary Operators for Set Relations

shuffle: Move the Columns of a Data Frame Relative to Each Other

simblock: Generate Random Effect Deviates for Simulation

simpar: Create Parameters for Simulation with Uncertainty

snap: Coerce Values to Nearest of Candidates

sortedInstall: Install Local Source Packages Sorted by Dependency

spaces: Generate a String of Spaces

specfile: Determine the Expected Path to a Specification File

specification: Create a Data Specification Corresponding to a Particular...

sqrtm: Help Calculate CWRES

stableMerge: Execute a Stable Left Join

star: Replace Asterisk in x With y

static: Return the static portion of an object.

strain: Reduce x to Those Elements that Occur in Options

summary.nm: Analyze an NM Object

superset: Augment NONMEM Input with Table Output

supp: Merge CDISC Supplemental Data

svnIsText: Check Whether Subversioned Files are Text.

svnMarkAsNonText: Mark Subversioned Files as Non-text.

svnMarkAsText: Mark Subversioned Files as Text

svnMimeType: Determine Mime Type for Multiple Files

svnPropGet: Get Subversion Property for a Vector of Files

svnPropGetFile: Get Subversion Property for a Single File

svnPropSet: Set a Property on a Vector of Subversioned Files

svnPropSetFile: Set a Property on a Subversioned File

svnSetMimeType: Set Subversion Mime Type

synthesis: Sequentially Left-join an Arbitrary Number of Data Frames,... Convert a Data Frame to a Latex Tabular Environment, Latex...

tabularformat: Create the Format String for Latex Tabular Environment

tagvalue: Convert List to Tag and Value Format

temporal: Temporal Classes with Selective Defaults

text2decimal: Convert Mixed Text to Decimal

Tmax: Calculate Tmax

Tmin: Calculate Tmin

toSAS: Convert Timepoint to SAS Format

totitle: Convert Text to Title Case

tweak: Adjust Values

variants: Locate Variants of a File in Distinctive Subdirectories

wikiparse: Parse Wikimath

win: Identify Windows Platforms

wrap: Wrap Text in a Latex Environment

xpath: Extract Value of an xpath Expression from and XML File

xpath2frame: Extract Indexed Values from XML

xyplot.ext: Plot the Parameter Search History for a NONMEM 7 Run


\%-\% Man page
\%&\% Man page
\%+\% Man page
accept Man page
acceptance Man page
acr Man page
addl Man page Man page
addl.default Man page
after Man page
aggregate.keyed Man page
align.decimal Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.character.comment Man page
as.character.flag Man page
as.character.init Man page
as.character.initList Man page
as.character.nmctl Man page
as.character.timepoint Man page
as.character.uniKey Man page
as.chartime Man page
as.chartime.numeric Man page
as.comment Man page
as.comment.comment Man page
as.comment.default Man page
as.conditioned Man page
as.conditioned Man page
as.conditioned.digest Man page
as.conditioned.digest Man page
as.conditioned.isolated Man page
as.conditioned.isolated Man page
as.conditioned.keyed Man page
as.conditioned.keyed Man page
as.csv.filename Man page
as.csv.filename.character Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.define Man page
as.define.spec Man page
as.digest Man page
as.digest Man page Man page Man page
as.digest.digest Man page
as.digest.digest Man page
as.digest.keyed Man page
as.digest.keyed Man page
as.digest.nm Man page
as.digest.nm Man page
as.document Man page
as.document.character Man page Man page
as.document.define Man page
as.filename Man page
as.filename.character Man page
as.file.runlog Man page
as.flag Man page
as.flag.default Man page
as.flag.flag Man page
as.halfmatrix Man page
as.halfmatrix.default Man page
as.halfmatrix.halfmatrix Man page
as.hour Man page Man page
as.hour.duration Man page
as.hour.hour Man page
as.hour.minute Man page
as.hour.numeric Man page
as.hour.second Man page
as.init Man page
as.init.init Man page
as.initList Man page
as.initList.character Man page
as.initList.initList Man page
as.initList.list Man page
as.initList.numeric Man page
as.init.numeric Man page
as.isolated Man page
as.isolated Man page
as.isolated.digest Man page
as.isolated.digest Man page
as.isolated.isolated Man page
as.isolated.isolated Man page
as.isolated.keyed Man page
as.isolated.keyed Man page
as.keyed Man page Man page
as.keyed.nm Man page
as.keyed.nm Man page
as.list.nmctl Man page
as.ltable Man page
as.matrix.halfmatrix Man page
as.mDate Man page
as.mDate.character Man page
as.mDate.Date Man page
as.mDate.dates Man page
as.mDate.mDate Man page
as.mDate.numeric Man page
as.mDate.sasdate Man page
as.mDateTime Man page
as.mDateTime.character Man page
as.mDateTime.chron Man page
as.mDateTime.mDate Man page
as.mDateTime.mDateTime Man page
as.mDateTime.numeric Man page
as.mDateTime.POSIXct Man page
as.mDateTime.POSIXlt Man page
as.minute Man page
as.minute.duration Man page
as.minute.hour Man page
as.minute.minute Man page
as.minute.numeric Man page
as.minute.second Man page
as.month Man page Man page
as.month.duration Man page
as.month.month Man page
as.month.numeric Man page
as.motif Man page
as.motif Man page
as.motif.digest Man page
as.motif.digest Man page
as.motif.keyed Man page
as.motif.keyed Man page
as.motif.motif Man page
as.motif.motif Man page
as.motif.nm Man page
as.motif.nm Man page
as.mTime Man page
as.mTime.character Man page
as.mTime.mTime Man page
as.mTime.numeric Man page
as.mTime.times Man page
as.nm Man page
as.nmctl Man page
as.nmctl.character Man page Man page
as.nm.default Man page
as.numeric.chartime Man page
as.pdf Man page
as.pdf.character Man page Man page
as.pdf.define Man page
as.pdf.document Man page
as.pxml Man page
as.pxml.ext Man page
as.roles Man page
as.roles Man page
as.roles.digest Man page
as.roles.digest Man page
as.roles.keyed Man page
as.roles.keyed Man page
as.runlog.file Man page
as.runlog.unilog Man page
as.second Man page Man page
as.second.duration Man page
as.second.hour Man page
as.second.minute Man page
as.second.numeric Man page
as.second.second Man page
as.spec Man page
as.spec.character Man page Man page
as.tabular Man page
as.unilog.lst Man page
as.unilog.pxml Man page Man page
as.unilog.runlog Man page
as.vector.keyed Man page
as.vector.spec Man page
as.vector.uniKey Man page
as.week Man page Man page
as.week.duration Man page
as.week.numeric Man page
as.week.week Man page
as.xml Man page
as.xml.character Man page Man page
as.xml.default Man page
as.year Man page Man page
as.year.duration Man page
as.year.numeric Man page
as.year.year Man page
at Man page
attribute Man page
auc Man page
AUC Man page
aug Man page Man page
backtrans Man page
badAmt Man page
badAmt.nm Man page
badDv Man page
badDv.nm Man page
badII Man page
badII.nm Man page
bakfor Man page
before Man page
bin Man page
bmi Man page
bounds Man page
bracket Man page
breaks Man page
bsa Man page
bundleRead Man page
cast,ANY-method Man page
cast,keyed-method Man page
cast-methods Man page
cavg Man page
c.comment Man page
c.flag Man page
check.subjects Man page
clean.spec Man page
clear Man page
CLNR Man page
closers Man page
cmax Man page
cmin Man page
codes Man page
codes.default Man page
codes.spec Man page
colname Man page
colname<- Man page
combinations Man page Man page
command Man page
[.comment Man page
[[.comment Man page
compileflag Man page
compiler Man page
compute.cwres Man page
[.conditioned Man page
[.conditioned Man page
config Man page
constant Man page
constant.default Man page
contains Man page
\%contains\% Man page
convertLines Man page
covariatePlots Man page
covplot Man page
crcl Man page
CreateParametersForSimulation Man page
\%crossed.on\% Man page
crosses Man page
\%crosses\% Man page
css Man page
c.timeline Man page
ctl2xml Man page
c.uniKey Man page
cv Man page
cvLognormal Man page
cvNormal Man page
cwresPlots Man page
dataFormat Man page
dataSynthesis Man page
decodes Man page
decodes.default Man page
decodes.spec Man page
\%-\%.default Man page
\%&\%.default Man page
\%+\%.default Man page
deranged Man page Man page
deranged.keyed Man page
diagnosticPlots Man page
digest Man page
digest Man page
[.digest Man page
[.digest Man page
distance Man page
dupKeys Man page
dupKeys.default Man page
dupKeys.nm Man page
duration Man page
dynamic Man page Man page
dynamic.keyed Man page
electronicAppendix Man page
encode Man page
encode.character Man page
encoded Man page
encoded.default Man page
encode.default Man page
encoded.spec Man page
encode.list Man page
episcript Man page
explicitPath Man page
extfile Man page
extract Man page
extractPath Man page
f Man page
falseAmt Man page
falseAmt.nm Man page
falseDv Man page
falseDv.nm Man page
filename Man page
findNonmemCommand Man page
first Man page
fixed Man page
fixed<- Man page
fixed<-.init Man page
fixed.init Man page
fixed<-.initList Man page
fixed.initList Man page
fixedwidth Man page Man page
fixFile Man page
fixProblem Man page
[.flag Man page
[[.flag Man page
follow Man page
forbak Man page
format.comment Man page
format.duration Man page
format.flag Man page
format.init Man page
format.initList Man page
format.legacy Man page
format.legacy Man page
format.mDate Man page
format.mDateTime Man page
format.mTime Man page
format.nmctl Man page
format.uniKey Man page
ftable2data.frame Man page
getCovs Man page
getCwres Man page
getdname Man page
getdname.default Man page
getdname.nmctl Man page
getPars Man page
getTabs Man page
glue Man page
groupnames Man page
guidetext Man page
guidetext.spec Man page
half Man page
half.matrix Man page
hash Man page
head.digest Man page
head.digest Man page
helpAdminister Man page
helpBrowse Man page
helpClasses Man page
helpDataFrame Man page
helpList Man page
helpMatrix Man page
helpModel Man page
helpPharmacometric Man page
helpPrepare Man page
helpQuantify Man page
helpReport Man page
helpSimulate Man page
helpStrategic Man page
helpVector Man page
helpVisualize Man page
hidden Man page Man page
hide Man page Man page
ibw Man page
ignored Man page
ind.cwres Man page
index Man page
index Man page
index.conditioned Man page
index.conditioned Man page
index.digest Man page
index.digest Man page
index.isolated Man page
index.isolated Man page
index.keyed Man page
index.keyed Man page
index.nm Man page
index.nm Man page
init Man page
$<-.init Man page
$.init Man page
initList Man page
[.initList Man page
inner Man page Man page
is.alpha Man page
is.cwres.readable.file Man page
is.defined Man page
is.diagonal Man page
is.fixed Man page
is.iiv Man page
is.latex.token Man page
is.offdiagonal Man page Man page
is.random Man page
is.residual Man page
is.square Man page
is.square.matrix Man page
isSubversioned Man page
isSubversionedFile Man page
iterations Man page
justUnits Man page
ke Man page
key Man page
key<- Man page
^.keyed Man page
|.keyed Man page
-.keyed Man page
!.keyed Man page
/.keyed Man page
[.keyed Man page
*.keyed Man page
&.keyed Man page
+.keyed Man page
+.keyed Man page
keyed-class Man page
labels.spec Man page
last Man page
latest Man page
latex.args Man page
latex.options Man page
lbm Man page
legacy Man page
legacy Man page
legacy<- Man page
legacy<- Man page
lhs Man page
locf Man page
looks.numeric Man page
lookup Man page Man page
lower Man page
ltable Man page Man page
ltable.matrix Man page
ltable.table Man page
lyse Man page Man page
lyse.keyed Man page
makePreamble Man page
map Man page
matches Man page
\%matches\% Man page
\%matches\%.character Man page
\%matches\ Man page
\%matches\%.keyed Man page
\%matches\%.spec Man page
maxChar Man page
mDate Man page
mDateTime Man page
melt.keyed Man page
merge.keyed Man page
merge.nm Man page
metaMerge Man page
metaMerge.character Man page Man page
metaMerge.default Man page
metaMerge.list Man page
metaMerge.NULL Man page
metaSub Man page
metaSub.character Man page
metaSub.filename Man page
metrumrg Man page
metrumrg-package Man page
metrumrgURL Man page
monotonic Man page
monotonic.default Man page
motif Man page
motif Man page
msffile Man page
mTime Man page
\%n\% Man page
naInContext Man page
naKeys Man page
naKeys.default Man page
naKeys.nm Man page
name Man page
name<- Man page
nasum Man page
ncomma Man page
nest Man page
\\% Man page
\%nests\% Man page
nix Man page
nm Man page
[.nmctl Man page
[[.nmctl Man page Man page Man page
nmPlots Man page
nmVersion Man page
nocb Man page
nondecreasing Man page
nondecreasing.default Man page
nonincreasing Man page
nonincreasing.default Man page
NONR Man page
noPk Man page
noPk.nm Man page
nospace Man page
noUnits Man page
nth Man page
nxt Man page
offdiag Man page
offdiag.halfmatrix Man page
omegacor Man page
omegacov Man page
on.diagonal Man page
only Man page
Ops.keyed Man page
ord Man page
ord.halfmatrix Man page
ord.matrix Man page
packageCheck Man page
padded Man page Man page
panel.covplot Man page
panel.cuts Man page
panel.densitystrip Man page
panel.hist Man page
panel.ref Man page
panel.stratify Man page
parameter2wiki Man page
params Man page
parens Man page
parfile Man page
partab Man page
percent Man page
plot.conditioned Man page
plot.conditioned Man page
plot.digest Man page
plot.digest Man page
plotfilename Man page
plot.isolated Man page
plot.isolated Man page
plot.keyed Man page
plot.keyed Man page
plot.nm Man page
PLOTR Man page
pool Man page
posmat Man page
predoseDv Man page
predoseDv.nm Man page
prev Man page
print.comment Man page
print.duration Man page
print.flag Man page
print.halfmatrix Man page
print.init Man page
print.initList Man page
print.keyed.summary Man page
print.nmctl Man page
print.nm.summary Man page
print.timepoint Man page
print.uniKey Man page
print.uniKey Man page
progress Man page
purge.dir Man page
purge.files Man page
purgeRunDir Man page
qstat Man page
qsub Man page
random Man page Man page Man page
read.nm Man page
read.nmctl Man page
read.spec Man page
reapply Man page
rep.comment Man page
rep.flag Man page
rep.timeline Man page
rep.uniKey Man page
resample Man page
resample.csv.filename Man page Man page
resample.filename Man page
resolve Man page
respecify Man page
respecify.character Man page
respecify.spec Man page
rhs Man page
rinvchisq Man page
riwish Man page
rlog Man page
roles Man page
roles Man page
row2tabular Man page
runCommand Man page
runhead Man page
runlog Man page
runNonmem Man page
runstate Man page Man page
safeQuote Man page
scavenge Man page
seq.timeline Man page
setCwres Man page
shuffle Man page
sigmacor Man page
sigmacov Man page
simblock Man page
simpar Man page
snap Man page
sortedInstall Man page
sort.keyed Man page
spaces Man page
specfile Man page
specification Man page
specification.comment Man page Man page
specification.default Man page
splom.conditioned Man page
splom.conditioned Man page
splom.digest Man page
splom.digest Man page
splom.keyed Man page
splom.keyed Man page
sqrtm Man page
stableMerge Man page
star Man page
static Man page Man page
static.keyed Man page
strain Man page Man page
summary.keyed Man page
summary.nm Man page
summary.spec Man page
Summary.timepoint Man page
superset Man page
supp Man page Man page
supp.keyed Man page
svnIsText Man page
svnMarkAsNonText Man page
svnMarkAsText Man page
svnMimeType Man page
svnPropGet Man page
svnPropGetFile Man page
svnPropSet Man page
svnPropSetFile Man page
svnSetMimeType Man page
synthesis Man page
tabfile Man page
tabular Man page Man page
tabular.define Man page
tabularformat Man page
tabular.matrix Man page
tabular.table Man page
tagvalue Man page
tex2pdf Man page
text2decimal Man page
timeline Man page
-.timeline Man page
[.timeline Man page
[[.timeline Man page
+.timeline Man page
timepoint Man page
[<-.timepoint Man page
titleCase Man page
tmax Man page
Tmax Man page
Tmin Man page
tos Man page
toSAS.mDate Man page
toSAS.mDateTime Man page
toSAS.mTime Man page
totitle Man page
transform.keyed Man page
TruncateParametersForSimulation Man page
tweak Man page
tweak.init Man page
tweak.initList Man page
tweak.nmctl Man page
\%u\% Man page
uniKey Man page
[.uniKey Man page
[[.uniKey Man page
uniKey.keyed Man page
unilog Man page
unilogcor Man page
unilogcov Man page
unique.comment Man page
unique.timepoint Man page
unique.uniKey Man page
unitDensity Man page
unitHist Man page
unsorted Man page
unsorted.keyed Man page
upper Man page
variants Man page
viewtex Man page
wiki2label Man page
wiki2latex Man page
wiki2parameter Man page
wiki2plotmath Man page
wikimath Man page
wikiparse Man page
wikitab Man page
win Man page
wrap Man page
write.nm Man page
write.nmctl Man page
write.spec Man page
xlog Man page
xmlValue.XMLAttributeValue Man page
xpath Man page
xpath2frame Man page
xtfrm.comment Man page
xtfrm.flag Man page
xtfrm.timepoint Man page
xtfrm.uniKey Man page
xyplotExt Man page
zeroAmt Man page
zeroAmt.nm Man page
zeroDv Man page
zeroDv.nm Man page


metrumrg/R/CLNR.R metrumrg/R/NONR.R metrumrg/R/PLOTR.R metrumrg/R/Tmax.R metrumrg/R/accept.R metrumrg/R/addl.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/as.comment.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/as.define.R metrumrg/R/as.digest.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/as.document.R metrumrg/R/as.filename.R metrumrg/R/as.flag.R metrumrg/R/as.init.R metrumrg/R/as.keyed.R metrumrg/R/as.nm.R metrumrg/R/as.nmctl.R metrumrg/R/as.second.R metrumrg/R/as.xml.R metrumrg/R/attribute.R metrumrg/R/bin.R metrumrg/R/bounds.R metrumrg/R/bracket.R metrumrg/R/bundleRead.R metrumrg/R/cast.R metrumrg/R/check.subjects.R metrumrg/R/colname.R metrumrg/R/combinations.R metrumrg/R/compute.cwres.R metrumrg/R/constant.R metrumrg/R/contains.R metrumrg/R/convertLines.R metrumrg/R/covariatePlots.R metrumrg/R/css.R metrumrg/R/cv.R metrumrg/R/diagnosticPlots.R metrumrg/R/electronicAppendix.R metrumrg/R/findNonmemCommand.R metrumrg/R/first.R metrumrg/R/fixedwidth.R metrumrg/R/ftable2data.frame.R metrumrg/R/glue.R metrumrg/R/hash.R metrumrg/R/ibw.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/is.diagonal.R metrumrg/R/iterations.R metrumrg/R/latest.R metrumrg/R/latex.R metrumrg/R/locf.R metrumrg/R/lookup.R metrumrg/R/map.R metrumrg/R/menu.define.R metrumrg/R/metaMerge.R metrumrg/R/metaSub.character.R metrumrg/R/metrumrgURL.R metrumrg/R/monotonic.R metrumrg/R/nasum.R metrumrg/R/nest.R metrumrg/R/nmtrantab.define.R metrumrg/R/omegacor.R metrumrg/R/ops.keyed.R metrumrg/R/panel.densitystrip.R metrumrg/R/panel.hist.R metrumrg/R/panel.stratify.R metrumrg/R/parameter2wiki.R metrumrg/R/params.R metrumrg/R/parens.R metrumrg/R/partab.R metrumrg/R/percent.R metrumrg/R/plot.nm.R metrumrg/R/prev.R metrumrg/R/qstat.R metrumrg/R/random.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/reapply.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/rig.R metrumrg/R/rlog.R metrumrg/R/runCommand.R metrumrg/R/runNonmem.R metrumrg/R/runlog.R metrumrg/R/safeQuote.R metrumrg/R/sets.R metrumrg/R/shuffle.R metrumrg/R/simpar.R metrumrg/R/snap.R metrumrg/R/sortedInstall.R metrumrg/R/spec.R metrumrg/R/stableMerge.R metrumrg/R/static.R metrumrg/R/superset.R metrumrg/R/supp.R metrumrg/R/svnProp.R metrumrg/R/ metrumrg/R/temporal.R metrumrg/R/timeline.R metrumrg/R/totitle.R metrumrg/R/variants.R metrumrg/R/wikimath.R metrumrg/R/xpath2frame.R metrumrg/R/xyplot.ext.R metrumrg/R/zzz.R
metrumrg/man/AUC.Rd metrumrg/man/CLNR.Rd metrumrg/man/NONR.Rd metrumrg/man/PLOTR.Rd metrumrg/man/Tmax.Rd metrumrg/man/Tmin.Rd metrumrg/man/accept.Rd metrumrg/man/acceptance.Rd metrumrg/man/addl.Rd metrumrg/man/align.decimal.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/as.comment.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/as.define.Rd metrumrg/man/as.init.Rd metrumrg/man/as.keyed.Rd metrumrg/man/as.nm.Rd metrumrg/man/as.nmctl.Rd metrumrg/man/as.pxml.Rd metrumrg/man/as.second.Rd metrumrg/man/as.spec.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/as.xml.Rd metrumrg/man/attribute.Rd metrumrg/man/aug.Rd metrumrg/man/backtrans.Rd metrumrg/man/bin.Rd metrumrg/man/bounds.Rd metrumrg/man/bracket.Rd metrumrg/man/breaks.Rd metrumrg/man/bundleRead.Rd metrumrg/man/c.temporal.Rd metrumrg/man/cast-methods.Rd metrumrg/man/check.subjects.Rd metrumrg/man/closers.Rd metrumrg/man/codes.Rd metrumrg/man/colname.Rd metrumrg/man/combinations.Rd metrumrg/man/command.Rd metrumrg/man/compileflag.Rd metrumrg/man/compiler.Rd metrumrg/man/compute.cwres.Rd metrumrg/man/config.Rd metrumrg/man/constant.Rd metrumrg/man/contains.Rd metrumrg/man/convertLines.Rd metrumrg/man/css.Rd metrumrg/man/cv.Rd metrumrg/man/dataFormat.Rd metrumrg/man/dataSynthesis.Rd metrumrg/man/diagnosticPlots.Rd metrumrg/man/digest.Rd metrumrg/man/electronicAppendix.Rd metrumrg/man/encode.Rd metrumrg/man/episcript.Rd metrumrg/man/extensions.Rd metrumrg/man/extract.Rd metrumrg/man/filename.Rd metrumrg/man/findNonmemCommand.Rd metrumrg/man/first.Rd metrumrg/man/fixProblem.Rd metrumrg/man/fixedwidth.Rd metrumrg/man/flag.Rd metrumrg/man/ftable2data.frame.Rd metrumrg/man/getCovs.Rd metrumrg/man/getCwres.Rd metrumrg/man/getPars.Rd metrumrg/man/getTabs.Rd metrumrg/man/getdname.Rd metrumrg/man/glue.Rd metrumrg/man/groupnames.Rd metrumrg/man/half.matrix.Rd metrumrg/man/hash.Rd metrumrg/man/helpAdminister.Rd metrumrg/man/helpBrowse.Rd metrumrg/man/helpClasses.Rd metrumrg/man/helpDataFrame.Rd metrumrg/man/helpList.Rd metrumrg/man/helpMatrix.Rd metrumrg/man/helpModel.Rd metrumrg/man/helpPharmacometric.Rd metrumrg/man/helpPrepare.Rd metrumrg/man/helpQuantify.Rd metrumrg/man/helpReport.Rd metrumrg/man/helpSimulate.Rd metrumrg/man/helpStrategic.Rd metrumrg/man/helpVector.Rd metrumrg/man/helpVisualize.Rd metrumrg/man/ibw.Rd metrumrg/man/index.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/is.alpha.Rd metrumrg/man/is.defined.Rd metrumrg/man/is.diagonal.Rd metrumrg/man/is.latex.token.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/is.square.matrix.Rd metrumrg/man/isSubversioned.Rd metrumrg/man/isSubversionedFile.Rd metrumrg/man/iterations.Rd metrumrg/man/justUnits.Rd metrumrg/man/keyed-class.Rd metrumrg/man/latest.Rd metrumrg/man/latex.args.Rd metrumrg/man/latex.options.Rd metrumrg/man/locf.Rd metrumrg/man/lookup.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/map.Rd metrumrg/man/matches.Rd metrumrg/man/melt.keyed.Rd metrumrg/man/metaMerge.Rd metrumrg/man/metaSub.character.Rd metrumrg/man/metrumrg-package.Rd metrumrg/man/metrumrgURL.Rd metrumrg/man/monotonic.Rd metrumrg/man/naInContext.Rd metrumrg/man/nasum.Rd metrumrg/man/ncomma.Rd metrumrg/man/nest.Rd metrumrg/man/nix.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/nmPlots.Rd metrumrg/man/nmVersion.Rd metrumrg/man/omegacor.Rd metrumrg/man/ops.Rd metrumrg/man/ord.matrix.Rd metrumrg/man/packageCheck.Rd metrumrg/man/panel.densitystrip.Rd metrumrg/man/panel.hist.Rd metrumrg/man/panel.stratify.Rd metrumrg/man/parameter2wiki.Rd metrumrg/man/params.Rd metrumrg/man/parens.Rd metrumrg/man/partab.Rd metrumrg/man/percent.Rd metrumrg/man/plot.nm.Rd metrumrg/man/plotFileName.Rd metrumrg/man/pool.Rd metrumrg/man/posmat.Rd metrumrg/man/prev.Rd metrumrg/man/purge.dir.Rd metrumrg/man/purge.files.Rd metrumrg/man/qstat.Rd metrumrg/man/qsub.Rd metrumrg/man/random.Rd metrumrg/man/reapply.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/rinvchisq.Rd metrumrg/man/riwish.Rd metrumrg/man/rlog.Rd metrumrg/man/row2tabular.Rd metrumrg/man/runCommand.Rd metrumrg/man/runNonmem.Rd metrumrg/man/runlog.Rd metrumrg/man/runstate.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/safeQuote.Rd metrumrg/man/setCwres.Rd metrumrg/man/sets.Rd metrumrg/man/shuffle.Rd metrumrg/man/simblock.Rd metrumrg/man/simpar.Rd metrumrg/man/snap.Rd metrumrg/man/sortedInstall.Rd metrumrg/man/spaces.Rd metrumrg/man/specfile.Rd metrumrg/man/specification.Rd metrumrg/man/sqrtm.Rd metrumrg/man/stableMerge.Rd metrumrg/man/star.Rd metrumrg/man/static.Rd metrumrg/man/strain.Rd metrumrg/man/summary.nm.Rd metrumrg/man/superset.Rd metrumrg/man/supp.Rd metrumrg/man/svnIsText.Rd metrumrg/man/svnMarkAsNonText.Rd metrumrg/man/svnMarkAsText.Rd metrumrg/man/svnMimeType.Rd metrumrg/man/svnPropGet.Rd metrumrg/man/svnPropGetFile.Rd metrumrg/man/svnPropSet.Rd metrumrg/man/svnPropSetFile.Rd metrumrg/man/svnSetMimeType.Rd metrumrg/man/synthesis.Rd metrumrg/man/ metrumrg/man/tabularformat.Rd metrumrg/man/tagvalue.Rd metrumrg/man/temporal.Rd metrumrg/man/text2decimal.Rd metrumrg/man/toSAS.Rd metrumrg/man/totitle.Rd metrumrg/man/tweak.Rd metrumrg/man/variants.Rd metrumrg/man/wikiparse.Rd metrumrg/man/win.Rd metrumrg/man/wrap.Rd metrumrg/man/xpath.Rd metrumrg/man/xpath2frame.Rd metrumrg/man/xyplot.ext.Rd

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