Man pages for mlogit
Multinomial Logit Models

CarStated Preferences for Car Choice
CatsupChoice of Brand for Catsup
cor.mlogitCorrelation structure of the random parameters
CrackerChoice of Brand for Crakers
distributionFunctions used to describe the characteristics of estimated...
effects.mlogitMarginal effects of the covariates
ElectricityStated preference data for the choice of electricity...
FishingChoice of Fishing Mode
GameRanked data for gaming platforms
HCHeating and Cooling System Choice in Newly Built Houses in...
HeatingHeating System Choice in California Houses
hmftestHausman-McFadden Test
JapaneseFDIJapanese Foreign Direct Investment in European Regions
logsumCompute the log-sum or inclusive value/utility
mFormulaModel formula for logit models
miscmethods.mlogitMethods for mlogit objects
mlogitMultinomial logit model
mlogit.datadata.frame for logit model
mlogit.optimNon-linear minimization routine
mlogit-packagemlogit package: estimation of random utility discrete choice...
ModeMode Choice
ModeCanadaMode Choice for the Montreal-Toronto Corridor
NOxTechnologies to reduce NOx emissions
plot.mlogitPlot of the distribution of estimated random parameters
RiskyTransportRisky Transportation Choices
rparrandom parameter objects
scoretestThe three tests for mlogit models
TrainStated Preferences for Train Traveling
vcov.mlogitvcov method for mlogit objects
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