Man pages for npde
Normalised prediction distribution errors for nonlinear mixed-effect models

dist.pred.simCompute distribution of pd/npde using simulations
gof.testTest on npde or pd
npdeCompute normalised prediction distribution errors
npde.cens.methodMethod used to handle censored data
npdeControlSet options for an NpdeObject
npdeDataCreates a NpdeData object
NpdeData-classClass "NpdeData" representing the structure of the...
npde.decorrel.methodMethod used to decorrelate vectors
npde.graphsSave the graphs for a NpdeObject object to a file
NpdeObject-classClass "NpdeObject"
npde-packageNormalised prediction distribution errors for nonlinear...
NpdeRes-classClass "NpdeRes"
npde.saveSave the results contained in a NpdeObject object to a file
NpdeSimData-classClass "NpdeSimData" representing the structure of the...
plot.NpdeDataPlots a NpdeData object
plot.NpdeObjectPlots a NpdeObject object
plot.NpdeResPlots a NpdeRes object
set.npde.plotoptionsSet graph options
showallBrief summary of an object
simtheoppSimulated data for the computation of normalised prediction...
theoppPharmacokinetics of theophylline
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