Man pages for opm
Analysing Phenotype Microarray and Growth Curve Data

aggregatedGet aggregated data
annotatedCreate vector or matrix with substrate annotation data frame
batch_opmBatch-convert PM data
boccuto_et_alAutism cell-line example data set
bracketSelect subset
bracket.setAssign subset
cCombination and addition of plates
ci_plotPlot point estimates with CIs
collect_templateInput metadata
csv_dataInformation from input CSV file
dimGet dimensions
discreteDiscretisation functions
discretizedGet discretised data
do_aggrAggregate kinetics using curve-parameter estimation
do_discDiscretise curve parameters
duplicatedDetermine duplicated plates
explode_dirHelper functions for file input and output
extractExtract aggregated values and/or metadata
find_substrateIdentify substrates or positions
has_aggrAre aggregated or discretised data present?
heat_mapHeat map
html_argsHTML formatting and output label generation
include_metadataAdd or map metadata or edit them by hand
infix.kQuery metadata keys
infix.qQuery metadata
kmeansWork with k-means results
level_plotLevel plot
maxOverall or minimal maximum
measurementsStored measurements
mergeMerge or split plates
metadataGet metadata
metadata.setReplace metadata
OPMReal classes of the 'opm' package
OPM_DBClasses for 'opm' database I/O
opm_dbputDatabase I/O for 'opm'
opm_filesFiles and colour sets used by the package
opm_mcpMultiple comparison of group means
opm_optGlobal 'opm' options
opm.packageThe 'opm' package
opms.functionOPMS constructor
opmx.functionConvert user-defined objects to OPMX
parallel_plotParallel plot
phylo_dataExport phylogenetic data
platesGet available plates or apply function to them
plate_typePlate type displayed or modified, registered or deleted
potatoPotato cell-line growth data set
radial_plotRadial plot
read_opmRead multiple PM files at once or read single PM file
run_kmeansConduct k-means partitioning
separateRegularly split character vectors if possible
set_spline_optionsSpline options
sortSort, unify, revert or repeat OPMS objects
subsetSelect a subset of the plates (or time points)
substrate_infoProvide information on substrates
summarySummarise OPMX or MOPMX objects
to_yamlConvert to YAML
vaas_4Example data sets from Vaas et al. (2012)
wellsListing of well names
WMDVirtual classes of the 'opm' package
xy_plotX-Y plot
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