p3d: Plot 3d data and fitted surfaces

p3d simplifies plotting data and fitted surfaces for models that are functionally defined by two continuous variables or by two continuous variables and one categorical variable.

AuthorGeorges Monette and Michael Friendly, with contributions from John Fox
Date of publication2012-02-24 23:56:32
MaintainerGeorges Monette <georges@yorku.ca>

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Man pages

ab: Generate arguments to plot a line

abline2: Generate arguments to plot a line

args3d: Process 3D arguments

Axes3d: Draw axes for a 3D plot

cell: Calculate confidence ellipses for parameters in linear models...

center: Center of object

coffee: Artifcial data set on Coffee Consumption, Heart Damage Index...

ConjComp: Calculate a basis for the conjugate complement of a conjugate...

data.Ell3d: Data ellipse in 3D

dell: Data ellipse in 2D

disp: Display name and value of argument - for debugging

ell: Ellipses in 2D

Ell3d: Add ellipsoid(s) to a 3D plot

ell.conj: Find conjugate axes or tangent lines to ellipse

ellipsoid: Calculate an ellipsoid in 3D

E.phi: Incline horizontal plane by phi degree

Evalf: Evaluates a function like predicts evaluates a model

Fit3d: 3D plots of fitted response surfaces and functions

hw: Articial data with classical outliers.

Id3d: Identify points in the current Plot3d rgl window

Identify3d: Identify points in 3D

Inc: Increment a number possibly represented in a character string...

Init3d: Initialize rgl for Plot3d and related functions

Lines3d: Draw lines in 3D space

Long3d: Represent hierarchical longitudinal data in 3D

p3d-internal: Internal p3d objects

p3d-package: Visualization of models in 3D

Plot3d: Plot3d generates a 3-dimensional plot using the package...

Plot3d.par: Manipulate parameters for 3D plotting

Points3d: Plot points in 3D

pop: Remove last objects added to a 3D plot

Pop3d: Remove last object added to 3D plot

scat3d: 3D scatterplot adapted from a function by J. Fox

Smoking: Cigarette consumption and life expectancy by country

snap: Take a snapshot of the current 3D plot

spin: Spin or rotate a 3D plot

spins: Spin the current rgl window continuously

S.theta: Rotate around vertical axis by theta degrees

Surf3d: Add a surface to 3D plot (in development)

Text3d: Add text to a 3D plot

uv: Conjugate complement of a space

xy: Points from list for plotting


ab Man page
abline2 Man page
args3d Man page
Axes3d Man page
cell Man page
cell.default Man page
cell.glh Man page
center Man page
center.ell Man page
coffee Man page
ConjComp Man page
data.Ell3d Man page
dell Man page
disp Man page
ell Man page
Ell3d Man page
Ell3d.default Man page
ellbox Man page
ell.conj Man page
ellipsoid Man page
ellplus Man page
ellpt Man page
ellptc Man page
elltan Man page
elltanc Man page
E.phi Man page
Evalf Man page
Fit3d Man page
hw Man page
hwoutliers Man page
Id3d Man page
Identify3d Man page
Identify3d.default Man page
Identify3d.formula Man page
Inc Man page
Init3d Man page
Lines3d Man page
Lines3d.default Man page
Long3d Man page
p3d Man page
p3d-internal Man page
p3d-package Man page
Plot3d Man page
Plot3d.default Man page
Plot3d.formula Man page
Plot3d.lm Man page
Plot3d.par Man page
Points3d Man page
Points3d.default Man page
Points3d.formula Man page
pop Man page
Pop3d Man page
scat3d Man page
Smoking Man page
snap Man page
spin Man page
spins Man page
S.theta Man page
Surf3d Man page
Surf3d.default Man page
Text3d Man page
Text3d.default Man page
uv Man page
uv.default Man page
uv.ell Man page
xy Man page

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