Man pages for p3d
Plot 3d data and fitted surfaces

abGenerate arguments to plot a line
abline2Generate arguments to plot a line
args3dProcess 3D arguments
Axes3dDraw axes for a 3D plot
cellCalculate confidence ellipses for parameters in linear models...
centerCenter of object
coffeeArtifcial data set on Coffee Consumption, Heart Damage Index...
ConjCompCalculate a basis for the conjugate complement of a conjugate...
data.Ell3dData ellipse in 3D
dellData ellipse in 2D
dispDisplay name and value of argument - for debugging
ellEllipses in 2D
Ell3dAdd ellipsoid(s) to a 3D plot
ell.conjFind conjugate axes or tangent lines to ellipse
ellipsoidCalculate an ellipsoid in 3D
E.phiIncline horizontal plane by phi degree
EvalfEvaluates a function like predicts evaluates a model
Fit3d3D plots of fitted response surfaces and functions
hwArticial data with classical outliers.
Id3dIdentify points in the current Plot3d rgl window
Identify3dIdentify points in 3D
IncIncrement a number possibly represented in a character string...
Init3dInitialize rgl for Plot3d and related functions
Lines3dDraw lines in 3D space
Long3dRepresent hierarchical longitudinal data in 3D
p3d-internalInternal p3d objects
p3d-packageVisualization of models in 3D
Plot3dPlot3d generates a 3-dimensional plot using the package...
Plot3d.parManipulate parameters for 3D plotting
Points3dPlot points in 3D
popRemove last objects added to a 3D plot
Pop3dRemove last object added to 3D plot
scat3d3D scatterplot adapted from a function by J. Fox
SmokingCigarette consumption and life expectancy by country
snapTake a snapshot of the current 3D plot
spinSpin or rotate a 3D plot
spinsSpin the current rgl window continuously
S.thetaRotate around vertical axis by theta degrees
Surf3dAdd a surface to 3D plot (in development)
Text3dAdd text to a 3D plot
uvConjugate complement of a space
xyPoints from list for plotting
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