#!/usr/bin/env Rscript

ver <- packageDescription('pgfSweave')[['Version']]

  stop('The optparse package is required to use the command line interface to pgfSweave.')

option_list <- list( 
    make_option(c("-v", "--version"), 
        action="store_true", default=FALSE,
        help="Print version info and exit"),
    make_option(c("-d", "--dvi"), 
        action="store_true", default=FALSE,
        help="dont use texi2dvi() option pdf=T i.e. call plain latex to produce a dvi file instead of a pdf"),
    make_option(c("-p", "--processors"), 
        type="integer", default=2, 
        help="Number of processors to use for graphics externalization [default %default]",
    make_option(c("-n", "--graphics-only"), 
        action="store_true", default=FALSE,
        help="dont do (3), do (1) then (2); ignored if --pgfsweave-only is used"),
    make_option(c("-s", "--pgfsweave-only"), 
        action="store_true", default=FALSE,
        help="dont do (2) or (3), only do (1)")

op.obj <- OptionParser(option_list=option_list, 
    usage = "    R CMD pgfsweave [options] <file>

    A simple front-end for pgfSweave()

    The options below reference the following steps 
      (1) Run Sweave using pgfSweaveDriver
      (2) Run the pgf externalization commands (requires GNU make)
      (3) Compile the resulting tex file using texi2dvi()

    Default behavior (no options) is to do (1), (2) then (3) in that order.

    Package repositories: 
    http://github.com/cameronbracken/pgfSweave (cutting edge development)
    http://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/pgfsweave/ (precompiled dev versions)
    http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/pgfSweave/index.html (stable release)")
opt <- parse_args(op.obj, positional_arguments = TRUE)

file <- opt$args
opt <- opt$options

if(length(file) == 0) { 
    cat('pgfSweave: No input file.\n')
}else if(length(file) > 1){
    cat('pgfSweave: Too many input files.\n')


cat('pgfsweave-script.R: pgfSweave version',ver,'\n')
for(i in seq_along(opt))
	cat(names(opt)[i],':',rep(' ',max(nchar(names(opt))) - nchar(names(opt)[i])),
		'   ',opt[[i]],'\n',sep='')

    # make the call to pgfSweave, pgfsweave-only supersedes graphics-only
pgfSweave(file, pdf=!opt$dvi,compile.tex = !opt[['pgfsweave-only']], 
    graphics.only = ifelse(opt[['pgfsweave-only']],FALSE,opt[['graphics-only']]))

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