polrep: Calculate Political Representation Scores

Calculate political representation scores using a large number of (potential) measures of political representation, including individual representation scores (IRS), the Gallagher index of least squares, the Rose index, relative representation scores, and related measures.

AuthorDidier Ruedin
Date of publication2017-03-16 22:27:00
MaintainerDidier Ruedin <didier.ruedin@unine.ch>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

aacc: Absolute mean citizen congruence

acc: Absolute citizen congruence

accm: Absolute citizen congruence

amcc: Absolute mean citizen congruence

binrep: Determine binary representation

congruence: Congruence

congruencePlot: Congruence Plot

CoxShugart: Cox-Shugart measure of proportionality

CoxShugartInv: Inverted Cox-Shugart measure of proportionality

dHondt: Calculates maximum relative representation scores of any...

diffScore: Difference between proportion of minorities in populaiton and...

Farina: Calculates the Farina index (cosine proportionality score)

Gallagher: Gallagher index

GallagherInv: 1 minus Gallagher index

GallagherMod: Modified Gallagher index

GallagherModInv: Inverted Modified Gallagher index

Grofman: Calculates the Grofman index of proportionality

GrofmanInv: Calculates the inverted Grofman index of proportionality

GrofmanMod: Calculates a modified Grofman index of proportionality

GrofmanModInv: Calculates an inverted modified Grofman index of...

GTD2: Two-partiness D2

GTT: Two-partiness T

H: Calculates heterogeneity

irs: Calculate individual representation scores.

irs.cat: Calculate individual representation scores for categorical...

irs.plot: Plot individual representation scores for categorical data.

LHI: Calculates the Loosemore-Hanby Index

Lijphart: Calculates the Lijphart index of proportionality

LijphartInv: Calculates an inverted Lijphart index of proportionality

neff: Calculates effective number of parties

neffIncomp: Calculates effective number of parties for incomplete data

neffProd: Calculates effective number of parties

polrep-package: Calculate political representation scores.

Rae: Rae index

RaeInv: 1 minus Rae index

rcc: Relative citizen congruence

relrep: Calculates relative representation scores

relrepMax: Calculates maximum relative representation scores of any...

Rose: Calculates the Rose Index of Proportionality

scoreA: Representation score A

scoreB: Representation score B

scoreC: Representation score C

scoreD: Representation score D

scoreE: Representation score E

scoreF: Representation score F

scoreG: Representation score G

scoreH: Representation score H

scoreI: Representation score I

scoreJ: Representation score J

scoreK: Representation score K

scoreL: Representation score L

scoreM: Representation score M

scoreN: Representation score N

scoreO: Representation score O

scoreP: Representation score P

scoreQ: Representation score Q

scoreR: Representation score R

scoreS: Representation score S

scoreT: Representation score T

scoreU: Representation score U

sortVectors: Sort two vectors

StLague: Sainte-Lague

StLagueInv: Inverted Sainte-Lague

sumZR: Calculates sum of absolute differences

Zc: Calculates proportion of minorities


aacc Man page
acc Man page
accm Man page
amcc Man page
binrep Man page
congruence Man page
congruencePlot Man page
CoxShugart Man page
CoxShugartInv Man page
dHondt Man page
diffScore Man page
Farina Man page
Gallagher Man page
GallagherInv Man page
GallagherMod Man page
GallagherModInv Man page
Grofman Man page
GrofmanInv Man page
GrofmanMod Man page
GrofmanModInv Man page
GTD2 Man page
GTT Man page
H Man page
irs Man page
irs.cat Man page
irs.plot Man page
LHI Man page
Lijphart Man page
LijphartInv Man page
neff Man page
neffIncomp Man page
neffProd Man page
polrep Man page
polrep-package Man page
Rae Man page
RaeInv Man page
rcc Man page
relrep Man page
relrepMax Man page
Rose Man page
scoreA Man page
scoreB Man page
scoreC Man page
scoreD Man page
scoreE Man page
scoreF Man page
scoreG Man page
scoreH Man page
scoreI Man page
scoreJ Man page
scoreK Man page
scoreL Man page
scoreM Man page
scoreN Man page
scoreO Man page
scoreP Man page
scoreQ Man page
scoreR Man page
scoreS Man page
scoreT Man page
scoreU Man page
sortVectors Man page
StLague Man page
StLagueInv Man page
sumZR Man page
Zc Man page


R/CoxShugart.R R/CoxShugartInv.R R/Farina.R R/GTD2.R R/GTT.R R/Gallagher.R R/GallagherInv.R R/GallagherMod.R R/GallagherModInv.R R/Grofman.R R/GrofmanInv.R R/GrofmanMod.R R/GrofmanModInv.R R/H.R R/LHI.R R/Lijphart.R R/LijphartInv.R R/Rae.R R/RaeInv.R R/Rose.R R/StLague.R R/StLagueInv.R R/Zc.R R/aacc.R R/acc.R R/accm.R R/amcc.R R/binrep.R R/congruence.R R/congruencePlot.R R/dHondt.R R/diffScore.R R/irs.R R/irs.cat.R R/irs.plot.R R/neff.R R/neffIncomp.R R/neffProd.R R/rcc.R R/relrep.R R/relrepMax.R R/scoreA.R R/scoreB.R R/scoreC.R R/scoreD.R R/scoreE.R R/scoreF.R R/scoreG.R R/scoreH.R R/scoreI.R R/scoreJ.R R/scoreK.R R/scoreL.R R/scoreM.R R/scoreN.R R/scoreO.R R/scoreP.R R/scoreQ.R R/scoreR.R R/scoreS.R R/scoreT.R R/scoreU.R R/sortVectors.R R/sumZR.R
man/CoxShugart.Rd man/CoxShugartInv.Rd man/Farina.Rd man/GTD2.Rd man/GTT.Rd man/Gallagher.Rd man/GallagherInv.Rd man/GallagherMod.Rd man/GallagherModInv.Rd man/Grofman.Rd man/GrofmanInv.Rd man/GrofmanMod.Rd man/GrofmanModInv.Rd man/H.Rd man/LHI.Rd man/Lijphart.Rd man/LijphartInv.Rd man/Rae.Rd man/RaeInv.Rd man/Rose.Rd man/StLague.Rd man/StLagueInv.Rd man/Zc.Rd man/aacc.Rd man/acc.Rd man/accm.Rd man/amcc.Rd man/binrep.Rd man/congruence.Rd man/congruencePlot.Rd man/dHondt.Rd man/diffScore.Rd man/irs.Rd man/irs.cat.Rd man/irs.plot.Rd man/neff.Rd man/neffIncomp.Rd man/neffProd.Rd man/polrep-package.Rd man/rcc.Rd man/relrep.Rd man/relrepMax.Rd man/scoreA.Rd man/scoreB.Rd man/scoreC.Rd man/scoreD.Rd man/scoreE.Rd man/scoreF.Rd man/scoreG.Rd man/scoreH.Rd man/scoreI.Rd man/scoreJ.Rd man/scoreK.Rd man/scoreL.Rd man/scoreM.Rd man/scoreN.Rd man/scoreO.Rd man/scoreP.Rd man/scoreQ.Rd man/scoreR.Rd man/scoreS.Rd man/scoreT.Rd man/scoreU.Rd man/sortVectors.Rd man/sumZR.Rd

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