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Calculate Political Representation Scores

aaccAbsolute mean citizen congruence
accAbsolute citizen congruence
accmAbsolute citizen congruence
amccAbsolute mean citizen congruence
binrepDetermine binary representation
congruencePlotCongruence Plot
cosfunCalculates the cosine measure
CoxShugartCox-Shugart measure of proportionality
CoxShugartInvInverted Cox-Shugart measure of proportionality
dHondtCalculates maximum relative representation scores of any...
diffScoreDifference between proportion of minorities in populaiton and...
FarinaCalculates the Farina index
GallagherGallagher index
GallagherInv1 minus Gallagher index
GallagherModModified Gallagher index
GallagherModInvInverted Modified Gallagher index
GrofmanCalculates the Grofman index of proportionality
GrofmanInvCalculates the inverted Grofman index of proportionality
GrofmanModCalculates a modified Grofman index of proportionality
GrofmanModInvCalculates an inverted modified Grofman index of...
GTD2Two-partiness D2
GTTTwo-partiness T
HCalculates heterogeneity
irsCalculate individual representation scores.
irs.catCalculate individual representation scores for categorical...
irs.plotPlot individual representation scores for categorical data.
LHICalculates the Loosemore-Hanby Index
LijphartCalculates the Lijphart index of proportionality
LijphartInvCalculates an inverted Lijphart index of proportionality
neffCalculates effective number of parties
neffIncompCalculates effective number of parties for incomplete data
neffProdCalculates effective number of parties
polrep-packageCalculate political representation scores.
RaeRae index
RaeInv1 minus Rae index
rccRelative citizen congruence
relrepCalculates relative representation scores
relrepMaxCalculates maximum relative representation scores of any...
RoseCalculates the Rose Index of Proportionality
scoreARepresentation score A
scoreBRepresentation score B
scoreCRepresentation score C
scoreDRepresentation score D
scoreERepresentation score E
scoreFRepresentation score F
scoreGRepresentation score G
scoreHRepresentation score H
scoreIRepresentation score I
scoreJRepresentation score J
scoreKRepresentation score K
scoreLRepresentation score L
scoreMRepresentation score M
scoreNRepresentation score N
scoreORepresentation score O
scorePRepresentation score P
scoreQRepresentation score Q
scoreRRepresentation score R
scoreSRepresentation score S
scoreTRepresentation score T
sortVectorsSort two vectors
StLagueInvInverted Sainte-Lague
sumZRCalculates sum of absolute differences
ZcCalculates proportion of minorities
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