prr: generalized probabilistic range ranker

Emulates the computations proposed by the "Risk Ranger" software with two kind of possible extensions. First, at each value, coefficients of variability and uncertainty can be added transforming the fixed value into a random variable. Second, different chain structures can be generated from convenient templates... "prr" for "probabilistic risk ranger" the initial aim of the package.

AuthorLaurent Guillier <Laurent.Guillier@Anses.Fr>, Isabelle Albert <Isabelle.Albert@Paris.Inra.Fr> and Jean-Baptiste Denis <>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJean-Baptiste Denis <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

chain2fileexpert: writes from a /chain/ a file to be completed by an expert

chain2list: transforms a /chain/ into a list

expert4chain: reads the expert assessement of an expertise and builds the...

get8nam: returns the name of a node from the name of a subnode

list2chain: transforms a consistent list into a new chain object

list2nod: transforms a consistent list into a new nod object

look4simu: makes some standard statistical investigations about a...

mplot8nod: simulates and plots densities of a /nod/ varying its...

nod2list: transforms a /nod/ into a consistent list

parents5nod: extracts the parents of a /nod/

plot8distri: plots the density of a /distri/.

plot8nod: plots the density of an ancestor /nod/.

print8assess: prints an /assess/ object

print8chain: prints a /chain/ object

print8distri: prints a /distri/ object

print8nod: prints a /nod/ object

print8probab: prints a /probab/ object

prr3k: assigns the prr constants

prr.assess-class: Class /assess/ to specify the assessment of an expert

prr.chain-class: Class /chain/ to specify a chain of nodes (in fact a variety...

prr.distri-class: Class /distri/ to numerically specify a probability...

prr.nod-class: Class /nod/ to specify the different nodes of a chain

prr.probab-class: Class /probab/ to specify the essential part of a probability...

rdistri: simulates with a /distri/ object

read8chain: gets a /chain/ from a text file

rr8nod: computes the central value of a node

simu8chain: simulates values for a given chain

simu8nod: simulates values for a node

support5probab: extracts the parents of a /probab/

ubeta: adapted draws of a Beta distribution

ucateg: draws from a categorical distribution

ulnormal: adapted draws of a log-normal distribution

unormal: adapted draws of a normal distribution

valid8assess: checks an /assess/

valid8chain: checks a /chain/

valid8distri: checks a /distri/

valid8nod: checks a /nod/

valid8probab: checks a /probab/

write8chain: writes a /chain/ onto a file

x5nod: computes the x values for a node


assess-class Man page
chain2fileexpert Man page
chain2list Man page
chain-class Man page
distri-class Man page
expert4chain Man page
get8nam Man page
list2chain Man page
list2nod Man page
look4simu Man page
mplot8nod Man page
nod2list Man page
nod-class Man page
parents5nod Man page
plot8distri Man page
plot8nod Man page
print8assess Man page
print8chain Man page
print8distri Man page
print8nod Man page
print8probab Man page
print,assess-method Man page
print,chain-method Man page
print,distri-method Man page
print,nod-method Man page
print,probab-method Man page
probab-class Man page
prr3k Man page
rdistri Man page
read8chain Man page
rr8nod Man page
simu8chain Man page
simu8nod Man page
support5probab Man page
ubeta Man page
ucateg Man page
ulnormal Man page
unormal Man page
valid8assess Man page
valid8chain Man page
valid8distri Man page
valid8nod Man page
valid8probab Man page
write8chain Man page
x5nod Man page

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