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Objects of class /distri/ indicate the main characteristics of the distribution with the help of a /proba/ object, but also the number of elementary number of simulations, and the numerical values to attribute to the necessary parameters.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("distri",...) where ... will be replaced by its slots when default values are not convenient.



Object of class "probab" to define the family and the fixed parameters.


Object of class "numeric(1)" to define the number of simulations when it is not given by the number of rows of the slot parand and these are constant over all the simulations.


Object of class "matrix" and numeric giving the necessary additional parameters for the simulation. Each row of the matrix correspond to a simulation. This matrix structure was implemented to allow different value between simulations. For the moment, the matrix has got only two columns for the central value and the variation coefficient. This gives a unified parameterization of all distributions and encompass the degenerate cases for extreme values of the variation coefficient. No need to give this matrix some dimnames.



see print8distri for the details.


Jean-Baptiste Denis



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