prr.probab-class: Class /probab/ to specify the essential part of a probability...

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Objects of class /probab/ gives the possibility to store in a standardized way, important pieces of information about a probability distribution: the family, the support, and possibly the truncation interval. This a basic object not to be handle by end-users. Notice that no slot is devoted to the name of the described node. It is used in /distri/ and /nod/ objects.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("probab").



A character(1) giving the the type of distribution like 'beta' or 'normal'. The possible families are stored into the constant prr.tdis.


Object of class "numeric" giving the truncation interval for the normal family, the support and the truncation intervals for the lognormal and beta families, and the limits defining the categories for the categorical family.



see print8probab for the details.


Jean-Baptiste Denis



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