Man pages for qle
Simulation-Based Quasi-Likelihood Estimation

checkMultRootAssess plausibility of parameter estimates
covarTxVariance matrix approximation
crossValTxPrediction variances by cross-validation
estimKriging prediction and numerical approximation of derivatives
fitCovCovariance parameter estimation
fitSIRFkEstimation of covariance parameters
getDefaultOptionsPrint default options for optimization
getQLmodelSetup the quasi-likelihood approximation model all at once
krigeKriging the sample means of statistics
mahalDistMahalanobis distance of statistics
matclustMatern cluster process data
multiDimLHSMultidimensional Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHS) generation
multiSearchA multistart version of local searches for parameter...
nextLOCsampleGenerate a random sample of points
optStatOptimal subset selection of statistics
prefitCVCovariance parameter estimation for cross-validation
print.qleprint results of class 'qle'
print.qleTestprint 'qleTest' results
print.QSResultprint results of class 'QSResult'
qleSimulated quasi-likelihood parameter estimation
qle-packageSimulation-Based Quasi-Likelihood Estimation
qleTestMonte Carlo testing
QLmodelConstruct the quasi-likelihood approximation model
qscoringQuasi-scoring iteration
qsdA normal model
quasiDevianceQuasi-deviance computation
remlRestricted maximum likelihood (REML)
searchMinimizerMinimize a criterion function
setCovModelSet a covariance model
setQLdataSetup of quasi-likelihood data for estimation
simQLdataSimulate the statistical model
updateCovModelsUpdate covariance models
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