Man pages for rangeMapper
A platform for the study of macroecology of life history traits

00_rangeMap-classClass "rangeMap" to formally describe a rangeMapper sqlite...
00_rangeMapperrangeMapper: A platform for the study of macroecology of life...
01_rangeMapStart-classClass '"rangeMapStart"'
02_rangeMapStartInitiate/open a new rangeMapper project
03_rangeFilesSelect (recursively) shape files
04_rangeMapBboxGlobal bounding box
05_gridSizeSave or retrieve the grid size from an 'rangeMapper' project.
06_canvasProject's canvas
07_assemblageFetchFunction 'assemblageFetch' retrieves the species set of an...
07_range.fetchRange extractor
07_rangeMapProcessProcess ranges
07_rangeTraitsA container of functions to apply on a 'SpatialPolygons...
07_verticesVertices of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
08_bioSaveImport 'BIO' tables to a 'rangeMapper' project.
09_SpatialPixelsRangeMap-classClass "SpatialPixelsRangeMap"
10_metadataUpdateUpdates metadata table
10_rangeMapSaveSave, retrieve and export maps.
11_MapPlot-methodsPlot a SpatialPixelsRangeMap
12_rangeMapRemoveRemove tables from a give project
13_rangeMapExportExport 'MAP' tables
99_RMQueryQuery a 'rangeMapper' project
99_wrensLife history data of the New World Wrens
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