API for rangeMapper
A platform for the study of macroecology of life history traits

Global functions
.dbRemoveField Source code
.dbfield.exists Source code
.dbtable.exists Source code
.extract.indexed Source code
.extract.p4s Source code
.is.empty Source code
.onAttach Source code
.rangeMapSaveData Source code
.rangeOverlay Source code
.rect2spp Source code
.sqlAggregate Source code
.subsetSQLstring Source code
RMQuery Man page
SpatialPixelsRangeMap-class Man page
assemblageFetch Man page
assemblageFetch,rangeMap,SpatialPoints,character-method Man page
assemblageFetch,rangeMap,SpatialPoints,missing-method Man page
assemblageFetch-methods Man page
bio.merge Man page Source code
bio.save Man page Source code
bioSave Man page
bioSave,bioSaveDataFrame-method Man page
bioSave,bioSaveFile-method Man page
bioSave-methods Man page
brewer.pal.get Man page Source code
canvas.fetch Man page Source code
canvas.save Man page Source code
canvasFetch Man page
canvasFetch,rangeMap-method Man page
canvasFetch-methods Man page
canvasSave Man page
canvasSave,rangeMap-method Man page
canvasSave-methods Man page
global.bbox Man page
global.bbox.fetch Man page Source code
global.bbox.save Man page Source code
gridSize.fetch Man page Source code
gridSize.save Man page Source code
gridSizeFetch Man page
gridSizeFetch,rangeMap-method Man page
gridSizeFetch-methods Man page
gridSizeSave Man page
gridSizeSave,gridSize-method Man page
gridSizeSave-methods Man page
metadata.update Man page Source code
metadata2bio Man page Source code
metadataUpdate Man page
metadataUpdate,rangeMap,function,character,SpatialGridDataFrame, Man page Man page
metadataUpdate-methods Man page
plot,SpatialPixelsRangeMap,missing-method Man page
print.summary.rangeMap Source code
processRanges Man page Source code
rangeFetch Man page Source code
rangeFiles Man page
rangeFiles,rangeFiles-method Man page
rangeFiles-methods Man page
rangeMap Man page Source code
rangeMap-class Man page
rangeMap.export Man page Source code
rangeMap.fetch Man page Source code
rangeMap.open Man page Source code
rangeMap.save Man page Source code
rangeMap.start Man page Source code
rangeMapBbox-methods Man page
rangeMapBboxFetch Man page
rangeMapBboxFetch,rangeMap-method Man page
rangeMapBboxFetch-methods Man page
rangeMapBboxSave Man page
rangeMapBboxSave,rangeMap,Spatial,missing-method Man page
rangeMapBboxSave,rangeMap,character,CRS-method Man page
rangeMapBboxSave,rangeMap,character,missing-method Man page
rangeMapBboxSave,rangeMap,missing,CRS-method Man page
rangeMapBboxSave,rangeMap,missing,missing-method Man page
rangeMapBboxSave-methods Man page
rangeMapExport Man page
rangeMapExport,rangeMap,character-method Man page
rangeMapExport,rangeMapExport-methods Man page
rangeMapExport-methods Man page
rangeMapFetch Man page
rangeMapFetch,rangeMapFetch-method Man page
rangeMapFetch-methods Man page
rangeMapProcess Man page
rangeMapProcess,rangeMapProcess,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame,missing Man page Man page
rangeMapProcess,rangeMapProcess,missing,character,missing,list,m Man page
rangeMapProcess,rangeMapProcess,missing,character,missing,missin Man page
rangeMapProcess-methods Man page
rangeMapRemove Man page
rangeMapRemove,rangeMapRemove-method Man page
rangeMapRemove-methods Man page
rangeMapSave Man page
rangeMapSave,rangeMapSave,character,missing-method Man page
rangeMapSave,rangeMapSave,function,formula-method Man page
rangeMapSave,rangeMapSave,function,missing-method Man page
rangeMapSave,rangeMapSave,missing,missing-method Man page
rangeMapSave-methods Man page
rangeMapStart Man page
rangeMapStart,rangeMapStart-method Man page
rangeMapStart-class Man page
rangeMapper Man page Source code
rangeTraits Man page Source code
rm.rangeMapper Man page Source code
selectShpFiles Man page Source code
summary,rangeMap-method Man page
summary.rangeMap Source code
vertices Man page
vertices,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-method Man page
vertices-methods Man page
vertices.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Man page
wrens Man page
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