rbsa: Ancillary Functions for R Programming

Set of functions to ease the programming efforts: (i) facilitate corner case dealing, (ii) check object values, (iii) display errors, (iv) use text files as input parameters, (v) pause to look at intermediate results, (vi) handle and format character vectors.

AuthorJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>
Date of publication2014-09-17 09:07:35
MaintainerJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2.15)

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Man pages

belong9: indicates inclusion of character string

df4kbd: Produces a data.frame from the keyboard.

dipa: normalize directory paths

display8k: returns information about a /rbsa/ constant

erreur: issues an error message and concludes accordingly

fidi9: checks files and directories

file2list: reads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...

filter8text: filters components of a character.

form3crop: removes framing characters from a character string

form3display: displays with its name any object

form3frame: surrounds a character string

form3indent: provides indentation of different levels

form3join: formats a series of names or a similar list

form3justify: formats a character string

form3line: prints a separator line from a given pattern

form3names: provides systematic names for items

form3numbering: provides a systematic numbering of items

form3parag: prints or prepares paragraphes from a character vector.

form3repeat: prints a repeated given string

form3split: inverse function of form3join

form3title: prints or prepares a title

indexing: transforms a series of indices into a unique index, and...

inputting: reads a file and transforms it in a single character

inquiry: gets some information after a question

intersect8interv: computes the interval intersection of two intervals

interv7belonging: checks if a series of values belong to a series of intervals

list4text: Analyses and prepares a list from a /text/

looping: sequences for easy looping

name8list: returns the same list but with names

now: returns a character giving the present moment

object9: checks the type, the length and the content of some standard...

outputting: opens/closes graph/text files

parse8text: returns the parsed content of a text

pause: pauses the program until an answer is given

places4text6tags: returns the places of a series of tags within a /text/

posi9: returns the positions of identifiers

pprint: double print at the screen and into a text file

rbsa0: list of the /rbsa/ constants

rbsa7list9: checks whether a list is rbsa-compatible list

rbsa-package: Set of basic but convenient functions

read8list: reads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...

relpath: returns a relative path

solve8quadratic: solves a degree two polynomial

source8file: sources a set of R files

text2list: transforms a character into a list (of lists) of characters,...

text2vma: transforms a character into a vector (or matrix, or array),...

text3acceptance: acceptance of word within a line

text3brackets: returns the content of pairs of brackets

text3places8word: returns the places of one word

text3preparation: Analyses and prepares a /text/

text3replace: translating some words

text3stext: returns a subtext

text3translate: translate words

text-indexing: gives the absolute positions of (row,column) positions within...

texts4text: returns a list of texts from a text

void9: tests the nullness of objects


bc Man page
bd Man page
belong9 Man page
bf Man page
close8graph Man page
close8text Man page
df4kbd Man page
dipa Man page
display8k Man page
erreur Man page
fidi9 Man page
file2list Man page
file2text Man page
filter8text Man page
form3crop Man page
form3display Man page
form3frame Man page
form3indent Man page
form3join Man page
form3justify Man page
form3line Man page
form3names Man page
form3numbering Man page
form3parag Man page
form3repeat Man page
form3split Man page
form3title Man page
ijk2n Man page
indexing Man page
inputting Man page
inquiry Man page
intersect8interv Man page
interv7belonging Man page
list2file Man page
list2text Man page
list4text Man page
looping Man page
n2ijk Man page
name8list Man page
now Man page
object9 Man page
open8graph Man page
open8text Man page
outputting Man page
parse8text Man page
pause Man page
places4text6tags Man page
posi9 Man page
pprint Man page
rbsa Man page
rbsa0 Man page
rbsa7list9 Man page
rbsa-package Man page
read8list Man page
relpath Man page
solve8quadratic Man page
source8file Man page
text2file Man page
text2list Man page
text2vma Man page
text3acceptance Man page
text3brackets Man page
text3ij2n Man page
text3n2ij Man page
text3places8word Man page
text3preparation Man page
text3replace Man page
text3stext Man page
text3translate Man page
text-indexing Man page
texts4text Man page
vma2text Man page
void9 Man page


R/charfile.code.r R/charlist.code.r R/charvma.code.r R/filelist.code.r R/hidden.code.r R/index.code.r R/loop.code.r R/outfile.code.r R/rbsa0.code.r R/rbsa1.code.r R/rbsa2.code.r R/rbsa3.code.r R/rbsa4.code.r R/rbsa5.code.r R/rbsa6.code.r R/tindex.code.r
inst/charfile.code.r inst/charfile.test.r inst/charlist.code.r inst/charvma.code.r inst/directory.test.r inst/faire-paquet.rbsa.r inst/fidi9.test.r inst/filelist.code.r
inst/hidden.code.r inst/index.code.r inst/loop.code.r inst/outfile.code.r inst/places4text6tags.test.r
inst/rbsa0.code.r inst/rbsa0.test.r inst/rbsa1.code.r inst/rbsa1.test.r inst/rbsa2.code.r inst/rbsa3.code.r inst/rbsa4.code.r inst/rbsa5.code.r inst/rbsa6.code.r inst/rbsa6.test.r inst/test.df4kbd.r inst/test.directory.r inst/text.test.r inst/text3check.test.r inst/tindex.code.r inst/void9.test.r
man/belong9.Rd man/df4kbd.Rd man/dipa.Rd man/display8k.Rd man/erreur.Rd man/fidi9.Rd man/file2list.Rd man/filter8text.Rd man/form3crop.Rd man/form3display.Rd man/form3frame.Rd man/form3indent.Rd man/form3join.Rd man/form3justify.Rd man/form3line.Rd man/form3names.Rd man/form3numbering.Rd man/form3parag.Rd man/form3repeat.Rd man/form3split.Rd man/form3title.Rd man/indexing.Rd man/inputting.Rd man/inquiry.Rd man/intersect8interv.Rd man/interv7belonging.Rd man/list4text.Rd man/looping.Rd man/name8list.Rd man/now.Rd man/object9.Rd man/outputting.Rd man/parse8text.Rd man/pause.Rd man/places4text6tags.Rd man/posi9.Rd man/pprint.Rd man/rbsa-package.Rd man/rbsa0.Rd man/rbsa7list9.Rd man/read8list.Rd man/relpath.Rd man/solve8quadratic.Rd man/source8file.Rd man/text-indexing.Rd man/text2list.Rd man/text2vma.Rd man/text3acceptance.Rd man/text3brackets.Rd man/text3places8word.Rd man/text3preparation.Rd man/text3replace.Rd man/text3stext.Rd man/text3translate.Rd man/texts4text.Rd man/void9.Rd
tests/charfile.test.r.R tests/directory.test.r.R tests/fidi9.test.r.R tests/places4text6tags.test.r.R tests/rbsa0.test.r.R tests/rbsa1.test.r.R tests/rbsa6.test.r.R tests/text.test.r.R tests/text3check.test.r.R tests/void9.test.r.R

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