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Ancillary Functions for R Programming

belong9indicates inclusion of character string
df4kbdProduces a data.frame from the keyboard.
dipanormalize directory paths
display8kreturns information about a /rbsa/ constant
erreurissues an error message and concludes accordingly
fidi9checks files and directories
file2listreads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...
filter8textfilters components of a character.
form3cropremoves framing characters from a character string
form3displaydisplays with its name any object
form3framesurrounds a character string
form3indentprovides indentation of different levels
form3joinformats a series of names or a similar list
form3justifyformats a character string
form3lineprints a separator line from a given pattern
form3namesprovides systematic names for items
form3numberingprovides a systematic numbering of items
form3paragprints or prepares paragraphes from a character vector.
form3repeatprints a repeated given string
form3splitinverse function of form3join
form3titleprints or prepares a title
indexingtransforms a series of indices into a unique index, and...
inputtingreads a file and transforms it in a single character
inquirygets some information after a question
intersect8intervcomputes the interval intersection of two intervals
interv7belongingchecks if a series of values belong to a series of intervals
list4textAnalyses and prepares a list from a /text/
loopingsequences for easy looping
name8listreturns the same list but with names
nowreturns a character giving the present moment
object9checks the type, the length and the content of some standard...
outputtingopens/closes graph/text files
parse8textreturns the parsed content of a text
pausepauses the program until an answer is given
places4text6tagsreturns the places of a series of tags within a /text/
posi9returns the positions of identifiers
pprintdouble print at the screen and into a text file
rbsa0list of the /rbsa/ constants
rbsa7list9checks whether a list is rbsa-compatible list
rbsa-packageSet of basic but convenient functions
read8listreads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...
relpathreturns a relative path
solve8quadraticsolves a degree two polynomial
source8filesources a set of R files
text2listtransforms a character into a list (of lists) of characters,...
text2vmatransforms a character into a vector (or matrix, or array),...
text3acceptanceacceptance of word within a line
text3bracketsreturns the content of pairs of brackets
text3places8wordreturns the places of one word
text3preparationAnalyses and prepares a /text/
text3replacetranslating some words
text3stextreturns a subtext
text3translatetranslate words
text-indexinggives the absolute positions of (row,column) positions within...
texts4textreturns a list of texts from a text
void9tests the nullness of objects
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