rbsb: set of ancillary functions

When programming the rebastaba set of functions devoted to the manipulation of Bayesian networks, soon it occurred that some basic functions not linked to Bayesian networks were of use. They are gathered here. Probably most of them are already available elsewere.

AuthorJean-Baptiste Denis <jbdenisJean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>, Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller <ml.delignette@vet-lyon.fr> and Regis Pouillot <rpouillot@yahoo.fr>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJean-Baptiste Denis <Jean-Baptiste.Denis@jouy.inra.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

and4nom: adds one node to a /nom/

bc: sequence for a loop

bd: sequence for insertions

belong2interval: checks if a series of values belong to a series of intervals

bf: sequence for looping over an object

cha2li: transforms a character into a list

char2chars: transforms a single character into a character vector

char2des: transforms, if necessary, a single character into a /des/...

char2file: writes a character onto a file

char2list: transforms a character into a list (of lists) of characters

char2nom: transforms a character into a 'nom' object

char2vma: transforms a character into a vector (or matrix, or array)

check4tyle: checks the type, the length and the content of some standard...

check4valid: checks the returned value of valid8 functions

check8list: checks the components of a list

close8graph: closes the file open by open8graph

close8text: pauses (and more) the program until an answer is given

comp3convolu: computes a convoluted distribution

comp3dtriang: returns the discrete density of a triangular distribution

comp3interpolation: interpolation of known values

compare8nom: compares two /nom/s

conti2categ: transforms continuous values into a categoric values.

continuous2cumulative: cumulative of the continuous part

continuous2density: density of the continuous part

daf2list: transforms a /daf/ into a list

dempirical: returns the density of an /empirical/

density2cumulative: returns the cumulative of an /empirical/

depeche: issues a message on the screen [and returns the answer]

des2list: transforms a /des/ object into a list.

df2bstat: computes bivariate statistics from a data frame

df2ustat: computes univariate statistics from a data frame

discrete2cumulative: cumulative of the discrete part

discrete2density: density of the discrete part

easyp3cut: splits an expression into non nested blocks

easyp3stickback: converse operation of easyp3cut

erreur: issues an error message and concludes accordingly

explore8list: returns the structure of a list in matrix

expr3extrait: extracts the contents of parentheses from a character

expr3present: indicates inclusion of character string

file2char: reads a file and transforms it in a single character

file2list: reads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...

form3affiche: displays with its name any object

form3decadre: removes framing characters from a character string

form3encadre: surrounds a character string

form3etsil: inverse function of form3liste

form3file: writes a character vector to a file

form3ind: provides indentation of different levels

form3justifie: formats a character string

form3line: prints a separator line from a given pattern

form3liste: formats a series of names or whatever

form3names: provides systematic names for items

form3norma: removes redundant characters into a character string

form3nume: provides a systematic numbering of items

form3paragraphe: prints or prepares paragraphes from a character vector.

form3repeat: prints a repeated given string

form3title: prints or prepares a title

form3titre: prints or prepares a title

geom3lmargin: adds some padding to a range

geom3pointi: interpolation in R to the 2

geom3pol2xyz: transforms polar coordinates in cartesian coordinates

geom3xyz2pol: transforms cartesian coordinates in polar coordinates

get8daf: returns the data frame associated to a /daf/

get8listcomp: returns components from a list structure

get8object: returns an object from a character(2) coding

intersect4interval: computes the interval intersection of two intervals

is8rbsblist: checks whether a list is rbsb-compatible list or not

isempty: tests the nullness of objects

isvide: to avoid difficulty with is.null

length8ion: returns the length of a 'ion' object

length8nom: returns the length of a 'nom' object

li2cha: transforms a list into a character vector

list2char: transforms a list into a character

list2daf: transforms a list into a /daf/

list2des: transforms a consistent list into a /des/ object

list2file: transforms a list and writes it onto a text file

list2nom: transforms a list into a /nom/

listev: returns the ith element of a list supposed to be numeric

look4k: looks associated constants to some words

name8list: returns the same list but with names

nanv: returns the names of nodes/variables of x2nom(nom)

nbnv: number of nodes/variables for a /nom/ or an /object@nom/

nom2char: transforms a /nom/ into a character

nom2list: transforms a /nom/ into a list

nom2nom: transform a /nom/.

normalize8empirical: normalizes an /empirical/

now: returns a character giving the present moment

numero: returns the positions of identifiers

nv2ion: returns the /ion/ of a series of nodes/variables

nv2nod: transforms complete variable names into node names

nv2nv: transforms node[variable] characters into node and variable...

nv2var: returns the variable name from a node[variable] name

nv3nom: detects the existence of names into x2nom(nom)

open8graph: opens the graph device

open8text: opens the standard output text for rebastaba

pause: pauses the program until an answer is given

pempirical: returns the distribution function of an /empirical/

plot8empirical: plots an /empirical/

pprint: double print at the screen and into a text file

print8daf: prints a daf object

print8des: prints a des object

print8empirical: prints an /empirical/

print8faux: prints a faux object

print8ion: prints a 'ion' object

print8nom: prints the node-variable names

qempirical: returns the quantiles of an /empirical/

range5empirical: returns the ranges of an /empirical/

rapport: issues an error message when rebastaba fails

rbsb2.daf-class: Class "daf" to define a data frame

rbsb2.des-class: Class /des/ to identify and characterize in common language

rbsb2.faux-class: Class "faux" to handle errors occurring within functions

rbsb2.ion-class: Class "ion" to define from different viewpoints a subset of...

rbsb2.nom-class: Class "nom" to describe the node and variable names of a /bn/

rbsb3k: assigns the constants for the rbsb layer

rbsb4.empirical-class: Class /empirical/ to empirically specify a probability...

read8list: reads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...

rempirical: returns pseudo-random draws from an /empirical/

rmnd4nom: removes one node to a /nom/

set8listcomp: modifies one component from a list structure

solve2degree: solves a 'generalized' degree two polynomial

sort8ion: sorts a 'ion' object

sort8nom: sorts a /nom/ according to various ways

ss: sources an R file

systematic: returns a systematic exploration of a vector

trapezoid2empirical: returns the /empirical/ associated to a trapezoid...

triangular2empirical: returns the /empirical/ associated to a triangular...

unex: collapsing indices

ustat: provides function computing usual statistics.

valid8daf: checks a /daf/

valid8des: checks a /des/

valid8empirical: checks an /empirical/

valid8faux: checks a /faux/

valid8ion: checks a /ion/

valid8nom: checks a /nom/

var3standard: provides nvar standard names of variables

vma2char: transforms a vector (or matrix, or array) into a character

x2nom: returns the "nom" slot of an object


and4nom Man page
bc Man page
bd Man page
belong2interval Man page
bf Man page
cha2li Man page
char2chars Man page
char2des Man page
char2file Man page
char2list Man page
char2nom Man page
char2vma Man page
check4tyle Man page
check4valid Man page
check8list Man page
close8graph Man page
close8text Man page
comp3convolu Man page
comp3dtriang Man page
comp3interpolation Man page
compare8nom Man page
conti2categ Man page
continuous2cumulative Man page
continuous2density Man page
daf2list Man page
daf-class Man page
dempirical Man page
density2cumulative Man page
depeche Man page
des2list Man page
des-class Man page
df2bstat Man page
df2ustat Man page
discrete2cumulative Man page
discrete2density Man page
easyp3cut Man page
easyp3stickback Man page
empirical-class Man page
erreur Man page
explore8list Man page
expr3extrait Man page
expr3present Man page
faux-class Man page
file2char Man page
file2list Man page
form3affiche Man page
form3decadre Man page
form3encadre Man page
form3etsil Man page
form3file Man page
form3ind Man page
form3justifie Man page
form3line Man page
form3liste Man page
form3names Man page
form3norma Man page
form3nume Man page
form3paragraphe Man page
form3repeat Man page
form3title Man page
form3titre Man page
geom3lmargin Man page
geom3pointi Man page
geom3pol2xyz Man page
geom3xyz2pol Man page
get8daf Man page
get8listcomp Man page
get8object Man page
intersect4interval Man page
ion-class Man page
is8rbsblist Man page
isempty Man page
isvide Man page
length8ion Man page
length8nom Man page
length,ion-method Man page
length,nom-method Man page
li2cha Man page
list2char Man page
list2daf Man page
list2des Man page
list2file Man page
list2nom Man page
listev Man page
look4k Man page
name8list Man page
nanv Man page
nbnv Man page
nom2char Man page
nom2list Man page
nom2nom Man page
nom-class Man page
normalize8empirical Man page
now Man page
numero Man page
nv2ion Man page
nv2nod Man page
nv2nv Man page
nv2var Man page
nv3nom Man page
open8graph Man page
open8text Man page
pause Man page
pempirical Man page
plot8empirical Man page
plot,empirical-method Man page
pprint Man page
print8daf Man page
print8des Man page
print8empirical Man page
print8faux Man page
print8ion Man page
print8nom Man page
print,daf-method Man page
print,des-method Man page
print,empirical-method Man page
print,faux-method Man page
print,ion-method Man page
print,nom-method Man page
qempirical Man page
range5empirical Man page
rapport Man page
rbsb3k Man page
read8list Man page
rempirical Man page
rmnd4nom Man page
set8listcomp Man page
solve2degree Man page
sort8ion Man page
sort8nom Man page
ss Man page
systematic Man page
trapezoid2empirical Man page
triangular2empirical Man page
unex Man page
ustat Man page
valid8daf Man page
valid8des Man page
valid8empirical Man page
valid8faux Man page
valid8ion Man page
valid8nom Man page
var3standard Man page
vma2char Man page
x2nom Man page


rbsb/man/ustat.Rd rbsb/man/solve2degree.Rd rbsb/man/open8graph.Rd rbsb/man/char2nom.Rd rbsb/man/print8faux.Rd rbsb/man/list2des.Rd rbsb/man/file2list.Rd rbsb/man/close8text.Rd rbsb/man/ss.Rd rbsb/man/check4tyle.Rd rbsb/man/depeche.Rd rbsb/man/daf2list.Rd rbsb/man/print8des.Rd rbsb/man/erreur.Rd rbsb/man/form3justifie.Rd rbsb/man/char2des.Rd rbsb/man/compare8nom.Rd rbsb/man/char2chars.Rd rbsb/man/valid8nom.Rd rbsb/man/geom3xyz2pol.Rd rbsb/man/comp3convolu.Rd rbsb/man/triangular2empirical.Rd rbsb/man/nv2ion.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb3k.Rd rbsb/man/list2nom.Rd rbsb/man/check8list.Rd rbsb/man/is8rbsblist.Rd rbsb/man/normalize8empirical.Rd rbsb/man/nv2nv.Rd rbsb/man/form3liste.Rd rbsb/man/form3titre.Rd rbsb/man/des2list.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb2.daf-class.Rd rbsb/man/x2nom.Rd rbsb/man/geom3pointi.Rd rbsb/man/form3encadre.Rd rbsb/man/sort8ion.Rd rbsb/man/nbnv.Rd rbsb/man/df2ustat.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb2.nom-class.Rd rbsb/man/geom3pol2xyz.Rd rbsb/man/conti2categ.Rd rbsb/man/nom2nom.Rd rbsb/man/rmnd4nom.Rd rbsb/man/form3decadre.Rd rbsb/man/valid8des.Rd rbsb/man/char2vma.Rd rbsb/man/dempirical.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb2.ion-class.Rd rbsb/man/bc.Rd rbsb/man/numero.Rd rbsb/man/density2cumulative.Rd rbsb/man/continuous2density.Rd rbsb/man/intersect4interval.Rd rbsb/man/now.Rd rbsb/man/discrete2density.Rd rbsb/man/read8list.Rd rbsb/man/length8nom.Rd rbsb/man/isvide.Rd rbsb/man/rapport.Rd rbsb/man/set8listcomp.Rd rbsb/man/look4k.Rd rbsb/man/trapezoid2empirical.Rd rbsb/man/expr3extrait.Rd rbsb/man/nv3nom.Rd rbsb/man/explore8list.Rd rbsb/man/form3names.Rd rbsb/man/isempty.Rd rbsb/man/get8daf.Rd rbsb/man/check4valid.Rd rbsb/man/get8object.Rd rbsb/man/valid8faux.Rd rbsb/man/print8nom.Rd rbsb/man/char2file.Rd rbsb/man/form3title.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb2.des-class.Rd rbsb/man/comp3interpolation.Rd rbsb/man/list2file.Rd rbsb/man/print8daf.Rd rbsb/man/print8empirical.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb4.empirical-class.Rd rbsb/man/easyp3cut.Rd rbsb/man/form3paragraphe.Rd rbsb/man/form3repeat.Rd rbsb/man/close8graph.Rd rbsb/man/pprint.Rd rbsb/man/valid8ion.Rd rbsb/man/list2daf.Rd rbsb/man/list2char.Rd rbsb/man/form3etsil.Rd rbsb/man/nom2char.Rd rbsb/man/nom2list.Rd rbsb/man/expr3present.Rd rbsb/man/belong2interval.Rd rbsb/man/and4nom.Rd rbsb/man/open8text.Rd rbsb/man/rbsb2.faux-class.Rd rbsb/man/listev.Rd rbsb/man/bd.Rd rbsb/man/bf.Rd rbsb/man/easyp3stickback.Rd rbsb/man/nv2var.Rd rbsb/man/nv2nod.Rd rbsb/man/pause.Rd rbsb/man/form3norma.Rd rbsb/man/li2cha.Rd rbsb/man/form3nume.Rd rbsb/man/cha2li.Rd rbsb/man/discrete2cumulative.Rd rbsb/man/geom3lmargin.Rd rbsb/man/qempirical.Rd rbsb/man/rempirical.Rd rbsb/man/var3standard.Rd rbsb/man/get8listcomp.Rd rbsb/man/vma2char.Rd rbsb/man/char2list.Rd rbsb/man/print8ion.Rd rbsb/man/pempirical.Rd rbsb/man/form3file.Rd rbsb/man/file2char.Rd rbsb/man/nanv.Rd rbsb/man/df2bstat.Rd rbsb/man/sort8nom.Rd rbsb/man/length8ion.Rd rbsb/man/continuous2cumulative.Rd rbsb/man/name8list.Rd rbsb/man/plot8empirical.Rd rbsb/man/comp3dtriang.Rd rbsb/man/form3line.Rd rbsb/man/unex.Rd rbsb/man/valid8daf.Rd rbsb/man/form3ind.Rd rbsb/man/range5empirical.Rd rbsb/man/systematic.Rd rbsb/man/form3affiche.Rd rbsb/man/valid8empirical.Rd

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