Man pages for rbsb
set of ancillary functions

and4nomadds one node to a /nom/
bcsequence for a loop
bdsequence for insertions
belong2intervalchecks if a series of values belong to a series of intervals
bfsequence for looping over an object
cha2litransforms a character into a list
char2charstransforms a single character into a character vector
char2destransforms, if necessary, a single character into a /des/...
char2filewrites a character onto a file
char2listtransforms a character into a list (of lists) of characters
char2nomtransforms a character into a 'nom' object
char2vmatransforms a character into a vector (or matrix, or array)
check4tylechecks the type, the length and the content of some standard...
check4validchecks the returned value of valid8 functions
check8listchecks the components of a list
close8graphcloses the file open by open8graph
close8textpauses (and more) the program until an answer is given
comp3convolucomputes a convoluted distribution
comp3dtriangreturns the discrete density of a triangular distribution
comp3interpolationinterpolation of known values
compare8nomcompares two /nom/s
conti2categtransforms continuous values into a categoric values.
continuous2cumulativecumulative of the continuous part
continuous2densitydensity of the continuous part
daf2listtransforms a /daf/ into a list
dempiricalreturns the density of an /empirical/
density2cumulativereturns the cumulative of an /empirical/
depecheissues a message on the screen [and returns the answer]
des2listtransforms a /des/ object into a list.
df2bstatcomputes bivariate statistics from a data frame
df2ustatcomputes univariate statistics from a data frame
discrete2cumulativecumulative of the discrete part
discrete2densitydensity of the discrete part
easyp3cutsplits an expression into non nested blocks
easyp3stickbackconverse operation of easyp3cut
erreurissues an error message and concludes accordingly
explore8listreturns the structure of a list in matrix
expr3extraitextracts the contents of parentheses from a character
expr3presentindicates inclusion of character string
file2charreads a file and transforms it in a single character
file2listreads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...
form3affichedisplays with its name any object
form3decadreremoves framing characters from a character string
form3encadresurrounds a character string
form3etsilinverse function of form3liste
form3filewrites a character vector to a file
form3indprovides indentation of different levels
form3justifieformats a character string
form3lineprints a separator line from a given pattern
form3listeformats a series of names or whatever
form3namesprovides systematic names for items
form3normaremoves redundant characters into a character string
form3numeprovides a systematic numbering of items
form3paragrapheprints or prepares paragraphes from a character vector.
form3repeatprints a repeated given string
form3titleprints or prepares a title
form3titreprints or prepares a title
geom3lmarginadds some padding to a range
geom3pointiinterpolation in R to the 2
geom3pol2xyztransforms polar coordinates in cartesian coordinates
geom3xyz2poltransforms cartesian coordinates in polar coordinates
get8dafreturns the data frame associated to a /daf/
get8listcompreturns components from a list structure
get8objectreturns an object from a character(2) coding
intersect4intervalcomputes the interval intersection of two intervals
is8rbsblistchecks whether a list is rbsb-compatible list or not
isemptytests the nullness of objects
isvideto avoid difficulty with is.null
length8ionreturns the length of a 'ion' object
length8nomreturns the length of a 'nom' object
li2chatransforms a list into a character vector
list2chartransforms a list into a character
list2daftransforms a list into a /daf/
list2destransforms a consistent list into a /des/ object
list2filetransforms a list and writes it onto a text file
list2nomtransforms a list into a /nom/
listevreturns the ith element of a list supposed to be numeric
look4klooks associated constants to some words
name8listreturns the same list but with names
nanvreturns the names of nodes/variables of x2nom(nom)
nbnvnumber of nodes/variables for a /nom/ or an /[email protected]/
nom2chartransforms a /nom/ into a character
nom2listtransforms a /nom/ into a list
nom2nomtransform a /nom/.
normalize8empiricalnormalizes an /empirical/
nowreturns a character giving the present moment
numeroreturns the positions of identifiers
nv2ionreturns the /ion/ of a series of nodes/variables
nv2nodtransforms complete variable names into node names
nv2nvtransforms node[variable] characters into node and variable...
nv2varreturns the variable name from a node[variable] name
nv3nomdetects the existence of names into x2nom(nom)
open8graphopens the graph device
open8textopens the standard output text for rebastaba
pausepauses the program until an answer is given
pempiricalreturns the distribution function of an /empirical/
plot8empiricalplots an /empirical/
pprintdouble print at the screen and into a text file
print8dafprints a daf object
print8desprints a des object
print8empiricalprints an /empirical/
print8fauxprints a faux object
print8ionprints a 'ion' object
print8nomprints the node-variable names
qempiricalreturns the quantiles of an /empirical/
range5empiricalreturns the ranges of an /empirical/
rapportissues an error message when rebastaba fails
rbsb2.daf-classClass "daf" to define a data frame
rbsb2.des-classClass /des/ to identify and characterize in common language
rbsb2.faux-classClass "faux" to handle errors occurring within functions
rbsb2.ion-classClass "ion" to define from different viewpoints a subset of...
rbsb2.nom-classClass "nom" to describe the node and variable names of a /bn/
rbsb3kassigns the constants for the rbsb layer
rbsb4.empirical-classClass /empirical/ to empirically specify a probability...
read8listreads a file and transforms it in a list (of lists) of...
rempiricalreturns pseudo-random draws from an /empirical/
rmnd4nomremoves one node to a /nom/
set8listcompmodifies one component from a list structure
solve2degreesolves a 'generalized' degree two polynomial
sort8ionsorts a 'ion' object
sort8nomsorts a /nom/ according to various ways
sssources an R file
systematicreturns a systematic exploration of a vector
trapezoid2empiricalreturns the /empirical/ associated to a trapezoid...
triangular2empiricalreturns the /empirical/ associated to a triangular...
unexcollapsing indices
ustatprovides function computing usual statistics.
valid8dafchecks a /daf/
valid8deschecks a /des/
valid8empiricalchecks an /empirical/
valid8fauxchecks a /faux/
valid8ionchecks a /ion/
valid8nomchecks a /nom/
var3standardprovides nvar standard names of variables
vma2chartransforms a vector (or matrix, or array) into a character
x2nomreturns the "nom" slot of an object
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