lmRob.fit.compute: Fit a Robust Linear Model

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Fits a robust linear model with high breakdown point and high efficiency estimates. This is used by lmRob, but not supposed to be called by the users directly.


lmRob.fit.compute(x, y, x1.idx = NULL, nrep = NULL, robust.control = NULL, ...)



a numeric matrix containing the design matrix.


a numeric vector containing the linear model response.


a numeric vector containing the indices of columns of the design matrix arising from the coding of factor variables.


the number of random subsamples to be drawn. If "Exhaustive" resampling is being used, the value of nrep is ignored.


a list of control parameters to be used in the numerical algorithms. See lmRob.control for the possible control parameters and their default settings.


additional arguments.


an object of class "lmRob". See lmRob.object for a complete description of the object returned.


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See Also

lmRob, lmRob.control.

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