season: Seasonal analysis of health data

Routines for the seasonal analysis of health data, including regression models, time-stratified case-crossover, plotting functions and residual checks. Thanks to Yuming Guo for checking the case-crossover code.

AuthorAdrian Barnett <>, Peter Baker <>
Date of publication2012-08-03 10:34:30
MaintainerAdrian Barnett <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

aaft: Amplitude Adjusted Fourier Transform (AAFT)

AFL: Australian Football League (AFL) players' birthdays for the...

casecross: Case-crossover analysis to control for seasonality

ciPhase: Mean and confidence interval for circular phase

cipolygon-internal: Function to draw CI polygon

cosinor: Cosinor regression model for detecting seasonality

createAdj: Creates an adjacency matrix

CVD: Cardiovascular deaths in Los Angeles, 1987-2000

CVDdaily: Daily cardiovascular deaths in Los Angeles, 1987-2000

exercise: Exercise data from Queensland, 2005-2007

flagleap-internal: Count the number of days in the month

invyrfraction: Inverse fraction of the year

kalfil-internal: Forward and backward sweep of the Kalman filter

monthglm: Fit a GLM with month

monthmean: Monthly means

nochars-internal: Remove letters and characters from a string

nonlintest: Test of non-linearity of a time series

nscosinor: Non-stationary cosinor

nscosinor.initial-internal: Initial values for non-stationary cosinor. For internal use...

peri: Periodogram

phasecalc: Phase from cosinor estimates

plotCircle: Circular plot

plotCircular: Circular plot using segments

plot.Cosinor: Plot the results of a cosinor

plotMonth: Plot results by month

plot.monthglm: Plot of monthly estimates

plot.nonlintest: Plot the results of the non-linear test

plot.nsCosinor: Plot the results of a Non-stationary cosinor

print.casecross: Print the results of a case-crossover model

print.Cosinor: Print the results of a cosinor

print.Monthmean: Print the results from monthmean

print.nonlintest: Print the results of the non-linear test

print.nsCosinor: Print the results of a Non-stationary cosinor

rinvgamma-internal: Random inverse gamma distribution

schz: Schizophrenia births in Australia, 1930-1971

season-internal: Internal Season Functions

season-package: Tools for uncovering and estimating seasonal patterns.

seasrescheck: Seasonal residual checks

sinusoid: Plot a sinusoid

stillbirth: Stillbirths in Queensland, 1998-2000

summary.casecross: Summary of the results of a case-crossover model

summary.Cosinor: Summary for a cosinor

summary.monthglm: Summary for a monthglm

summary.nsCosinor: Summary for a Non-stationary cosinor

third: Third-order moment

wtest: Walter and Elwood's test of seasonality

yrfraction: Fraction of the year


aaft Man page
AFL Man page
casecross Man page
ciPhase Man page
cipolygon Man page
cosinor Man page
createAdj Man page
CVD Man page
CVDdaily Man page
exercise Man page
flagleap Man page
invyrfraction Man page
kalfil Man page
monthglm Man page
monthmean Man page
nochars Man page
nonlintest Man page
nscosinor Man page
nscosinor.initial Man page
peri Man page
phasecalc Man page
plotCircle Man page
plotCircular Man page
plot.Cosinor Man page
plotMonth Man page
plot.monthglm Man page
plot.nonlintest Man page
plot.nsCosinor Man page
print.casecross Man page
print.Cosinor Man page
print.monthglm Man page
print.Monthmean Man page
print.nonlintest Man page
print.nsCosinor Man page
print.summary.Cosinor Man page
print.summary.monthglm Man page
print.summary.nsCosinor Man page
rinvgamma Man page
schz Man page
season Man page
season-package Man page
seasrescheck Man page
sinusoid Man page
stillbirth Man page
summary.casecross Man page
summary.Cosinor Man page
summary.monthglm Man page
summary.nsCosinor Man page
third Man page
wtest Man page
yrfraction Man page


R/plot.nsCosinor.R R/plotCircular.R R/flagleap.R R/casecross.R R/aaft.R R/third.R R/createAdj.R R/seasrescheck.R R/print.Cosinor.R R/summary.nsCosinor.R R/plotCircle.R R/nscosinor.R R/print.summary.nsCosinor.R R/print.nonlintest.R R/summary.casecross.R R/yrfraction.R R/print.summary.Cosinor.R R/peri.R R/kalfil.R R/plot.Cosinor.R R/invyrfraction.R R/wtest.R R/print.Monthmean.R R/plot.nonlintest.R R/summary.Cosinor.R R/nonlintest.R R/ciPhase.R R/print.nsCosinor.R R/rinvgamma.R R/phasecalc.R R/monthmean.R R/monthglm.R R/nscosinor.initial.R R/cipolygon.R R/nochars.R R/plotMonth.R R/sinusoid.R R/summary.monthglm.R R/cosinor.R R/print.casecross.R R/print.summary.monthglm.R R/plot.Monthmean.R R/plot.monthglm.R R/print.monthglm.R
man/print.nsCosinor.Rd man/plot.monthglm.Rd man/monthglm.Rd man/print.nonlintest.Rd man/stillbirth.Rd man/seasrescheck.Rd man/phasecalc.Rd man/season-internal.Rd man/third.Rd man/print.Monthmean.Rd man/print.Cosinor.Rd man/CVD.Rd man/wtest.Rd man/plotMonth.Rd man/nonlintest.Rd man/invyrfraction.Rd man/cosinor.Rd man/yrfraction.Rd man/monthmean.Rd man/ciPhase.Rd man/cipolygon-internal.Rd man/summary.Cosinor.Rd man/casecross.Rd man/summary.casecross.Rd man/plotCircular.Rd man/flagleap-internal.Rd man/print.casecross.Rd man/peri.Rd man/rinvgamma-internal.Rd man/sinusoid.Rd man/createAdj.Rd man/kalfil-internal.Rd man/plotCircle.Rd man/summary.monthglm.Rd man/nscosinor.Rd man/nscosinor.initial-internal.Rd man/AFL.Rd man/schz.Rd man/exercise.Rd man/season-package.Rd man/aaft.Rd man/CVDdaily.Rd man/plot.nonlintest.Rd man/nochars-internal.Rd man/summary.nsCosinor.Rd man/plot.Cosinor.Rd man/plot.nsCosinor.Rd

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