Man pages for ssWavelets
Wavelet Functionality for Package 'sampSurf'

befp34Plot 34 Bartlett Density Study
covMODWTFunction to Calculate (Co-) Variances for MODWT...
hfsMODWTPrepare "ssMODWT" Objects for Further Summary Analysis
hfsPlotH. F. Smith Plot
palMODWTSimple Palette Function for "ssWavelets" and "sampSurf"
plotLevel2DPlot a Full Set of Images for a "sampSurf" Wavelet...
plotMODWT2DPlot Two-Dimensional Wavelet Decomposition on "sampSurf"...
ssCovMODWTGenerate Objects of Class "'ssCovMODWT'"
ssCovMODWT-classClass '"ssCovMODWT"'
ssCovMODWT-methodsMethods for "ssCovMODWT" object construction in Package...
ssEnergyCalcluate the "Average Energy" from a "sampSurf" Image
ssMODWTGenerate Objects of Class "'ssMODWT'"
ssMODWT-classClass '"ssMODWT"'
ssMODWT-methodsMethods for "ssMODWT" object construction in Package...
ssReflectReflection boundary correction for "sampSurf" Objects
ssToroidToroidal boundary correction for "sampSurf" Objects
ssWavelet-classClass '"ssWavelet"'
ssWavelets-packageWavelet Functionality for Package 'sampSurf'
varPlotSummary Wavelet Variance Plot
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